5 Personality Traits of People with Small Handwriting

5 Personality Traits of People with Small Handwriting


Many people have small handwriting. But first, we should know what handwriting size means. The letter size indicates how you present yourself in relation to your surroundings. Writing small-sized letters means, you can stay focused and can concentrate well. Whereas writing big-sized letters show your leadership qualities.

In this post, I will show you what small writing means and says about your personality.



The size of middle-zone letters plays an important role while analyzing handwriting samples. It indicates how you relate to other people in your life. If you write small handwriting you are an introvert. You are locked up in your world and stays away from the limelight. You are not an attention seeker.


Intellectuality And Good Concentration Power

If you write small you have a focused personality and can concentrate on small details. It also indicates intellectuality and originality of ideas.

You can concentrate for long periods in your studies and projects. Scholars, researchers, and great thinkers have small handwriting. Your mind does not wander. You focus on one task at a time.


Pressure Handler

You can handle the pressure. You are aware of your social limitations. You do not intrude on other people’s personal space. You react sensibly.



You are blessed with high mental powers. You have above-average mental powers and you can handle tricky situations.



If your writing is small, well-formed, and legible, it means you are a methodical person with clarity of thoughts.

If your writing is small and illegible, it means you are a mentally disturbed individual.

If your handwriting is extremely small, you are completely locked up in your world. You have low self-esteem. You feel insecure, and you behave abnormally in social gatherings.


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