Big Handwriting vs. Small Handwriting

Big Handwriting vs. Small Handwriting

Are you a leader, or do you prefer working behind the scenes?

Your personality type has a lot to do with the size of your handwriting.

In one of my posts, I discussed personality types of people with small handwriting in detail. Here I will focus on the personality characteristics of people with large writing.


Love to Socialize

You love to socialize and to be surrounded by people. You have many friends, and you are very fond of parties. Not only parties, but you also want to be part of gatherings to fulfill your deep-rooted desire to be loved and appreciated by everyone. 

You can see the handwriting of celebrities. Most of them possess large handwriting and signature as they won't be seen and heard all the time.


Center of Attraction

As you have an outspoken and outgoing personality, people love your company.

You have a flashy attitude, easily mix up with others, take the initiative to make friends, and add life to any party you are a part of. However, if left alone, you become restless and uncomfortable.


Low Concentration Power

A big handwriting style means an extrovert personality. You cannot sit in one place and focus. You soon tend to get tired from monotonous jobs, so you cannot deliver productive results.

However, as you possess leadership qualities, you perform well as a team leader or in jobs related to sales and marketing. These jobs require someone who can communicate and is at ease with meeting and convincing people. And as you love connecting with people, you are a perfect fit for such jobs.


Relaxed Attitude

As you do not have the habit of focusing on minute details, you do not worry, take other people's comments to heart, or carry the burden of unfriendly memories. You quickly overcome past experiences and move on. You do not keep thinking about an issue.

However, this trait may diminish if you write with heavy handwriting pressure and a narrow left margin. Both indicate attachment to your loved ones and belongings.


Restless and Impatient

You like to do stuff your way and do not like anyone to oppose your decisions. If it happens, you become impatient and impulsive and might indulge in a fight also. As an extrovert, you sometimes cross the boundaries of being frank. 


Also, you do not go into the depth of any matter and therefore have a limited understanding of it.

And when a change is proposed to any project you are a part of, you resist that change. You become anxious and restless. If an angular writing style accompanies your big handwriting, even a little interference can lead to high impulsiveness.


Final Words

These are the significant traits of a big handwriting personality. 

People with large handwriting need a lot of attention, lack concentration and discipline, love to be surrounded by people, are bold and enthusiastic, and become restless if anyone interferes with their work. 

And if they have large signatures also, they love to be the center of attraction at every social gathering and make it a point that everyone notices and appreciates them. If it does not happen, they become irritated and restless.

A signature represents how you behave in public. 

Large handwriting and signature both have similar personality traits. The only difference is handwriting represents your real personality and signature your public image.

So if you come across a person with big handwriting and a medium-sized signature, the actual characteristics of the person will be as discussed in this article. 


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