What is Graphology ā€“ Definition | Benefits | Limitations [Advanced Guide]

What is Graphology ā€“ Definition | Benefits | Limitations [Advanced Guide]


Graphology – Definition

Graphology is the science and art of analyzing the personality of a person through his handwriting.

It makes you aware of your problems, the reasons associated with them, and how to transform yourself. 

Key Features:

  • It is a way to understand your subconscious mind and explore your real personality.
  • It is a kind of mental photograph of thoughts that generate in your mind.
  • It is based on the principle that every person's handwriting is as unique as his fingerprints.
  • It is the unbiased study of strokes and patterns present in your handwriting.
  • It is a cost-effective, fast, and accurate technique.
  • It is a step towards self-discovery.

A trained graphologist studies traits and strokes present in your handwriting.

A report is created based on your complete personality profile.

A comprehensive therapy is designed for you by making necessary changes in the strokes present in your handwriting. It is known as graphotherapy.

Your handwriting reveals a lot about your personality.

Below mentioned characteristics are only a few from a long list of personality traits that your handwriting sample can reveal.

  • Physical and emotional characteristics
  • Strengths
  • Weaknesses
  • Likes
  • Dislikes
  • Confidence level
  • Level of the impact of an incident on your mind
  • Leadership qualities
  • Ability to plan and organize
  • Concentration level
  • Ability to manage finances

It is a great way to analyze a person's true personality as it provides clues about why the person behaves as he does.


Handwriting is Brain Writing

handwriting is brain writing


How can handwriting reveal so much about you?

It is a proven fact that when you speak, only 15-20% of brain cells are active, whereas when you write, about 85-90% of the brain cells are active.

Hence graphology is the best way to understand your personality deeply through handwriting. 

As students, you learned to write in a particular way. But, you didn’t continue to write in the same way. 

As soon as you were able to write, you modified the shapes and sizes of the letters.

As a result of which, you developed a unique handwriting style.

Apart from using a hand for writing, if you use your foot or mouth to write, your handwriting will depict the same unique features. 

Why does this happen?

Because whenever you think something, it creates a stir in your mind.

This stir in the form of a message is sent through your nervous system to your arm, hand, or toe muscles.

It motivates your writing instrument like a pen to produce patterns on paper.

These patterns are made using dots, lines, loops, and curves. These take the shape of letters.

Each stroke or pattern formed on paper corresponds to a particular personality trait.

By studying these graphic patterns, a trained graphologist can tell you whatever is going inside your mind at the time of writing.


Difference between Graphologist and Questioned Document Examiner


difference between questioned document examiner and graphologist


A graphologist is not the same as a questioned document examiner.

Graphologist studies the personality of a person through his handwriting. 

Questioned Document Examiner establishes the genuineness of the documents.

They check whether the document is real or fake.

Both fields need separate training.

Some graphologists are questioned document examiners also and vice-versa.

Graphologists need a degree or diploma to pursue a career as a questioned document examiner.


What is Graphology used for?


benefits of graphology


Handwriting reveals your thinking pattern and behavior.

It demonstrates the reasons that lie behind those activities.

It outlines your tendency to behave in ways that may not be expected.

The appearance can mislead, but handwriting never lies.


Benefit #1: Employment

It helps organizations to select the appropriate candidate based on specific qualities.

Personality traits that handwriting analysis can reveal in a candidate:

  • Leadership quality
  • Trustworthiness
  • General behavior pattern
  • Behavior with the opposite sex
  • Ability to work under pressure
  • Ability to handle conflicts
  • Creativity level
  • Optimistic or pessimistic
  • Ability to work in a team
  • Ability to meet deadlines
  • Sincerity

Selection process:

  • The applicant’s handwriting sample is analyzed.
  • The report is prepared based on the specific qualities the organization is looking for in an employee.
  • The report prepared is not biased. It does not discriminate based on age, sexuality, nationality, caste, or religion of the writer.
  • It is used along with other interview techniques.


Benefit #2: Corporate training

It helps organizations to highlight staff qualities and weaknesses. The majority of problems at the workplace are personality-related.

Employing the wrong candidate can prove costly to the organizations. 

Hence, graphological reports assess the compatibility of the new applicant within the existing work environment.

Managers are provided with a focused opinion based on the company culture and requirements for the post. 


Benefit #3: Personality Profiling

Personality is an essential aspect of every situation where people interact.

Self-awareness is the first step towards understanding others.

We are all different. You need to know yourselves and recognize what makes you think, feel and act as you do.


Handwriting analysis helps you to:

  • Improve relationships
  • Make appropriate career decisions 
  • Selecting a suitable business partner
  • Selecting a life partner
  • Make the proper use of your strengths
  • Work upon your weaknesses
  • Build confidence
  • Focus on goals


Benefit #4: Marital Compatibility

What is compatibility?

Compatibility is the ability to live and work together.

How can graphology prove useful in marital relationships?

A marital relationship’s success is based on identifying and accepting the differences between you and your partner.

Mutual understanding and tolerance are critical aspects of a successful relationship.

Graphology helps to analyze how each partner is similar or different from the other.

Handwriting of both partners is analyzed to understand their differences in outlook and provide with suitable remedy.

The technique proves helpful to check couple compatibility where arranged marriages are common practice.


Benefit #5: Historical Profiling

Genealogists and biographers who want to learn more about the personality traits of people who have died.


Limitations Of Graphology - What It Cannot Analyze


limitations of graphology


Graphology is the science of analyzing the personality of a person through his handwriting.

But, it has limitations also, i.e., what it cannot do.

To know what a study cannot do is also important as what it can do.

Hence, by knowing the limitations, you can use it more accurately.

A sample of handwriting cannot reveal:


Limitation #1: Age of a Person

Graphology is the study of thoughts that originate in the mind and not the age of a person.

The handwriting reflects the maturity of the mind.

So we can have a mature teenager, and also we can have an immature adult.


Limitation #2: Sex Of A Person

You cannot detect the sex of a person by analyzing his handwriting.

Both males and females can have similar traits.


Limitation #3: Right Or Left Handed

Handwriting reflects thoughts in mind and does not depend on the medium and tool of writing.

The person could be either left-handed or right-handed, but the source is the same, i.e., the brain.

It is impossible to detect which of his hands a person has used for his writing.


Limitation #4: Nationality Of A Person

Some countries have a specific writing style, but it can only provide a clue about the origin of a person.

Also, anyone in the world can practice the same handwriting style.

So, graphology does not reveal the nationality of a person.


Limitation #5: Future Of A Person

Graphology studies your mind.

Both astrology and graphology are different and should not be confused with each other.


Limitation #6: Caste, Creed, And Religion

The caste, religion, and the outward appearances of a person like skin color, shape of eyes, color of hair cannot be detected using graphology.

A graphologist always does an unbiased analysis of the handwriting sample.


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