Graphotherapy - Change Your Handwriting To Rewrite Your Personality

Graphotherapy - Change Your Handwriting To Rewrite Your Personality


Graphology(Handwriting Analysis) makes you aware of your strengths, weaknesses, and state of mind at the time of writing. But, it is not enough to become aware of your personality traits alone.

You must work your way to reduce the effect of the negative traits present in your handwriting. And, this is done by graphotherapy.



Your every handwriting stroke correlates to a personality trait within you and changes by the changes that take place in your brain.

In graphotherapy, the brain is reprogrammed by changing the handwriting strokes style by repeated practice. It is the reverse of the regular writing process. In this case, your hand sends signals to your brain.


What is Graphotherapy?

Graphotherapy means making conscious changes in your handwriting to bring about positive changes in your personality.

When you write, your brain guides your hands. It directs the muscles of your hand to move in a certain way. An expert graphologist, by analyzing your handwriting, can establish this two-way connection between your brain and your hand muscles.

Based on your handwriting analysis report, a graphotherapist designs a customized therapy for you. They suggest new handwriting patterns to re-program the negative habits into positive ones.

Through repeated practice of these modified patterns, your hand muscles send revised messages to your brain, creating new habits and traits. It is the reverse of the normal writing process.

Though handwriting therapy is the easiest method to bring positive changes to your personality, it requires dedication and patience. You will see positive results if you regularly do the exercises advised by a graphologist.


Changes Possible With Graphotherapy

Your handwriting can change your life. By reprogramming your brain, graphotherapy can help you:

  • Become more determined
  • Achieve higher concentration level
  • Increase your confidence level
  • Overcome procrastination (delaying work)
  • Overcome depression
  • Control your temper
  • Overcome frustration in sexual and material life
  • Get rid of low self-esteem
  • Get over past failures

And transforming yourself is very easy. Just write in a particular way for a few days under the guidance of a trained graphologist.


Ten Golden Graphotherapy Tips


10 golden graphotherapy tips
10 Golden Graphotherapt Tips That You Must Know


Legibility of the Writing

The writing must be legible. With this, you develop a clear vision. You are not confused and put forth your ideas clearly in front of others.


The Layout of the Writing

Maintain correct spacing between lines, words, and letters. The upper and lower parts of letters should not overlap with each other. It increases the clarity of thoughts, better time management abilities, and balanced relationship with others, neither too close nor too away.


The Slant of the Writing

The writing must be slightly inclined to the right. It makes you a warm, friendly person who loves to socialize and maintain an appropriate relationship with others.


Connections in the Writing

Connected letters enables your one thought to follow the other in a flow. You become logical, focused, a good planner, a good communicator, and start making careful decisions.


I Dot

Never omit the dot of the letter ‘i’. The i dot should neither be too above and nor too close to the stem. The perfectly placed dot increases your concentration and memory level.


Horizontal Direction of Lines

The baseline of the writing must be reasonably straight. With a reasonably straight baseline, you become focused and achieve your goals in the shortest possible time according to your capacity.


Letter 'T' Bar Length, Height, And Pressure 

Proper 't' bar length. height at which it is placed on the stem, and the pressure with which it is drawn all contribute to increasing your will power, removing confusion, and the ability to achieve goals. 


Soft Curves in Writing

Curves must dominate over angles. They develop a feeling of friendliness within you. You love to socialize, maintain an appropriate relationship, and do not impose your will on others.


Simple Writing

Do not use flourishes while writing. Write uppercase alphabets in print style and lowercase alphabets in cursive style with proper joining. With this, you develop an ability to talk directly to the point without wasting time and do not give importance to less important things.


Graphotherapy Exercises: The 30-Day Transformation


graphotherapy exercises
Graphotherapy 30 Day Transformation Challenge


To bring about positive changes in yourself, you must be entirley dedicated. Then only can you benefit from graphotherapy.

  • You must continue to practice the suggested exercise for about 15-20 minutes each day without fail.
  • If you skip a day, you will have to start from day 1.
  • All you need is a pen, a few sheets of paper, and a determination to practice the recommended exercises for about 15 minutes every day.

It's an easy, helpful, and cost-effective task. You don't have to learn writing from scratch. You only have to make specific changes in your handwriting.

But don't try out any exercise without consulting a graphologist. If you start practicing the wrong exercise, it may harm you

For example, if a criminal's self-esteem is raised, he will become a better criminal.

It would be best to choose what exercise to practice carefully as not all letters are changed as part of graphotherapy. Hence, you must consult an expert graphologist to design a customized therapy according to your needs.



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