Are Graphology, Handwriting Analysis & Signature Analysis the Same?

Are Graphology, Handwriting Analysis & Signature Analysis the Same?


Several times I come across people who need clarification about the difference between graphology and handwriting analysis. 

Often you will find both terms used interchangeably. 

But do you think they are identical?

No, they are different.

And this is one of many questions that I have come across. There are many.

I have tried to answer all such doubts here in this article.


What is Graphology?

Graphology is the art and science of analyzing your or someone’s personality through handwriting and signature samples. 

A combination of both handwriting analysis and signature analysis constitutes graphology.

It is the quickest and easiest way to become aware of your personality and make the required changes to work on your weaknesses.

Each letter and stroke style corresponds to multiple traits. 

Also, you cannot hide your authentic self as in other personality tests, where you can manipulate choices and select only the best ones.

Learn more about graphology, its benefits, and limitations


What is Handwriting Analysis?

It involves analyzing only your handwriting sample to discover your true or accurate personality. It shows how you behave alone or with family and close friends. It does not involve analyzing signatures.


What is Signature Analysis?

A signature represents your public image. It shows how you behave while surrounded by strangers. It represents how you want others to see you. 

Your public image can be similar to your true personality or different from it. 

If you only want to know how people perceive you publically, you can get your signature analyzed alone. 

However, if you want a complete personality analysis, it is recommended not to opt for signature analysis alone.


How it Works?

Your mind is a storehouse of emotions, whether positive or negative. You go through an entire personality formation cycle before you start behaving as you do.

A trained graphologist can analyze the written sample, makes you aware of different traits, and which trait needs to be modified to see positive changes in your personality.

You get a customized handwriting improvement plan as per your need. This technique is called graphotherapy.


What Should You Learn First – Handwriting or Signature Analysis?

Both involve the study of letters, their formation style, slant, alignment, and several other traits. Each stroke style corresponds to various personality types. 

To accurately analyze your or anyone’s personality, you must thoroughly understand each trait. 

And it is always recommended to analyze handwriting first and then the signature.

The interpretation style remains almost similar for both. The only difference is between your real and public personality.


Is Graphology Easy to Learn?

If you want to learn any subject as a hobby, it is easy. But if you want to go deep and uncover every aspect associated with the study, you have to put in the effort. 

And this holds for every field of study.

However, we have launched a book for beginners and intermediate-level students.

Before enrolling in the course, you can go through it.


Do You Need to Learn Both Handwriting and Signature Analysis?

To become a graphologist, complete knowledge of the subject is required. 

Also, even if you want to learn it for yourself, knowing all the facts that can make or break your personality is essential.

Incomplete knowledge of a subject is more dangerous than having no awareness.

So, in-depth handwriting and signature analysis knowledge are necessary to analyze a complete personality.

These questions answer a particular concern people have.

There are various other doubts surrounding graphology, about which I have written detailed articles you must read.

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Final Words

Graphology is a study comprising handwriting and signature analysis to know more about a person’s personality by analyzing his handwriting and signature sample.

It is a combination of both.

To become a skilled graphologist, you must enroll in a professional course and get trained by an expert.


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