Graphology Frequently Asked Questions Part 2

Graphology Frequently Asked Questions Part 2

Graphology or handwriting analysis is the study of your handwriting to understand your personality type. However, several myths are associated with this study.

So, if you want answers to these myths, read this comprehensive list of frequently asked questions.


Q. Can a doodle analysis depict a person’s personality?

A. Doodles are random strokes and also do not fall into the drawing category.

They do not depict the complete personality of a person, like handwriting. However, a few traits, like roundness, angularity, clarity, etc., can be studied to tell the present state of mind of the person.

It is not a complete study in itself.


Q. How does graphotherapy work?

A. Graphotherapy involves making conscious changes in your handwriting to bring positive changes to your personality.

It reprograms your subconscious mind to see the effect at the conscious level.

It requires complete commitment as you have to alter your negative handwriting strokes, which you have the habit of forming for quite a long time. A minimum of 30 days of dedicated practice is needed to see the desired changes without any break.


Q. Are handwriting and signature analysis the same?

A. No. Both are different. It is not recommended to analyze the signature of a person without a handwriting sample.

Handwriting depicts your true personality, whereas a signature only tells about your public image, which is how you behave publicly or to strangers.

A signature shows how you wish people to perceive you. You can have different personalities when you are with close ones and when you are among strangers.


Q. Can handwriting comprising only print letters be analyzed?

A. Yes. Writing in print letters or block letters is also like normal handwriting.

It is a script. However, several traits, like beginning and ending-stroke, connections among letters of words, etc., are missing in such handwriting.

So, it is advised to analyze the cursive handwriting sample. However, if you do not know how to write in cursive, still your writing can be analyzed except for a few traits.


Q. Can my handwriting reveal my health or gender?

A. Yes, a handwriting sample can reveal details about your health.

But it requires in-depth study of this field (medical graphology) to comment on anyone's health issues. Normal handwriting analysis reveals only about your mental health and not your physical.

Also, not only gender but handwriting analysis cannot reveal a person's nationality, age, color, creed, religion, and left or right-handedness.


Q. Handwriting evolves with time. Does it mean my personality will also evolve?

A. A change in handwriting does not mean your personality will change drastically.

However, if you compare handwriting samples of today and after 10 years, there will be a difference between the two.

As handwriting is the outcome of processes going inside the brain, it also means your personality has changed over time though the change might not be noticeable. Only a skilled graphologist can analyze it.


Q. Can graphology solve criminal cases and help investigators catch a criminal?

A. Graphology studies state of mind. So, analyzing a note left by the suspect at the crime scene can tell about the suspect’s mental state while committing the crime.

However, you cannot convict anyone based on writing alone. Genuine proofs are required.


Q. How can I learn graphology?

A. Learning graphology does not require you to have any specific educational background.

However, 18+ is the preferred age, as you can understand things around you better, and your writing has been stabilized.

And also, it would be an added advantage if you have enough life experience and can empathize with people.

You must be able to deeply understand the hidden meaning behind personality traits and how they affect the writer.

You can go for a certificate or diploma course. And if you do not want to enroll immediately, you can purchase this comprehensive book and check if it will be appropriate for you to go ahead in this field.



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