Graphology Frequently Asked Questions Part 1

Graphology Frequently Asked Questions Part 1

Graphology is the study of handwriting to understand your personality type. However, there are various myths that are associated with this study.

If you want to clarify all your doubts related to this study, go through this comprehensive list of frequently asked questions.


Q. How accurate is graphology?

A. Graphology studies personality through handwriting which results from the formation of strokes as per the signals your brain sends to your hands.

These signals force your hands to move in a certain way. What is produced on the paper is handwriting.

The nervous system performs the entire task, and writing is the physical output of what is happening inside your brain.

Graphology studies your present state of mind and is more than 80% correct. Also, it is based on the principle that no two handwriting samples are identical, even if they appear to be or are written using the same script. 


Q. What can graphology tell?

A. Graphology analyses stroke patterns of your handwriting and indicates what is going on inside the person’s mind while writing.

It can tell a lot about your strengths and weaknesses, creativity level, motivation level to achieve your goals, confidence level, time management skills, behavior with others, concentration power, and much more.


Q. What is the difference between graphology and handwriting?

A. Handwriting refers to putting your thoughts onto any platform using any writing medium and in any script.

Every individual has a different handwriting style and might write using their hand, mouth, or foot.

You can write in any language. The basic principles that graphology incorporates in analyzing handwriting samples remain the same.


Q. Can graphology help me in daily life?

A. You can analyze handwriting to understand your strengths and weaknesses and several personality traits.

Under the guidance of an expert graphologist, you can take graphotherapy exercises to alter negative traits to positive ones.

Changing your handwriting and signature style can help solve several personality-related issues at both personal and professional levels.


Q. Do companies use graphology to assess candidates?

A. Yes. Nowadays, many companies, along with other personality assessment tests, use graphology to assess the candidate's real personality.

Candidates can manipulate answers to questions but cannot manipulate their handwriting.

A skilled graphologist can analyze the handwriting sample collected at the time of the interview and tell whether they will be fit for the job or not.                                                                                          


Q. Does graphology differ depending on every different language?

A. No. Graphology studies strokes like loops, curves, lines, open and closed loops, spacing between words and lines, size of the letters, among several others.

It analyses their formation style. So, irrespective of the language in which you write, graphology can depict your personality at the time of writing. 


Q. Does practicing graphology formations every day work?

A. Yes. The art of practicing is referred to as graphotherapy. Once you get your handwriting analyzed by a skilled graphologist, a list of areas that need improvement is prepared.

Now you are given the correct way of writing that you need to follow and replace your old way of writing, letter or word formation.

You must continue to practice as suggested by the graphologist for at least 30 days to see changes in your personality.


Q. Can you become rich by changing your signature?

A. Nothing can make you rich if you do not possess the necessary skills and work hard.

By changing your signature, you can program your subconscious mind to improve your public image, make confident and sensible decisions, and put forth your thoughts more effectively.


Q. Why do handwriting changes while writing at different times?

A. Handwriting reflects your mind's state at the time of writing. Your mental state cannot be same all the time. It changes with mood and how you feel at that particular moment. 

For example: If you are in a hurry, your writing will have more thread like connections and if you are angry you will have more angular connections. However, it does not reflect your true personlaity. To know about your real personality traits a proper handwriting analysis approach needs to be followed.


Q. Is it possible to detect sex of the writer from his handwriting?

A. Handwriting is the study of brain. And both males and females can have similar thinking patterns. Hence, it is not possible to detect sex from the handwriting sample. You must know what graphology can reveal and what it cannot.

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Q. Can you decipher the work the writer do by analyzing writing sample?

A. No. It is not possible to tell what kind of work the writer do. However, you can tell what qualities the writer possess like whether he has an artistic nature, possess leadership qualities, has research abilities, etc.


Q. While doing analysis does good or bad handwriting matters?

A. No. For a analyst the way you write does not matter. Everyone deviates from the writing style they are taught in school and with time develop their individual handwriting style. You cannot categorize individuality as good or bad. the role of a graphologist is to study the stroke formation and give a non-biased report about the personality characteristics of the writer.



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