Can Handwriting Analysis Depict Suicidal Tendencies?

Can Handwriting Analysis Depict Suicidal Tendencies?

Over the years, handwriting analysis has emerged as a powerful tool to depict several personality traits.

Describing whether a person has a suicidal tendency is one of them, and it can highlight those traits that points towards such tendencies.

Why does this happen?

It happens because the writer has developed a mindset that his problems are not temporary but permanent. And no one in this entire world can help or solve his problems. 

Getting your handwriting analyzed can help you overcome such a mindset. It enables you to change the faulty stroke to help you view your problem from a different perspective and even find a solution.


Why do Suicidal Tendency Traits arise in Handwriting?
A suicidal tendency develops when you lose all hope. The problem may not be that big, but how you visualize it makes it complicated.

Sometimes it might also happen that you cannot find solutions to your everyday problems, thereby increasing your frustration level. Every situation appears to be a big challenge for you to solve. 

In most cases, the primary factor for suicide is depression, and it is not the only factor. When accompanied by other factors, such as long-term illness or pain, uncertain future, unemployment, abuse, chronic failure, or family issues, it can motivate individuals to take their own lives.

Even students commit suicide due to exam pressure and the inability to fulfill their parents and peer expectations. Parents need to be educated that every child is different and cannot behave or perform like others.

Handwriting analysis can tell whether you are facing depression or not.


Trait #1: Descending Baseline

Descending Baseline - An Indicator of Unhappy Mind


It is the first most indicator of an unhappy mind.

Whether you possess suicidal tendency is depicted by the intensity of the writing pressure.

The more intense the pressure, the more is the feeling of depression and your feeling to harm yourself.


Trait #2: Sudden Fall in the Baseline


Sudden Falling Baseline - Indicates You Have Self Destructive Thoughts


Your baseline indicates your commitment towards achieving your goal, and pressure denotes the power to work for that goal.

A sudden drooping baseline is a sign of self-destructive thoughts and a sudden crash.

These writers might not discuss their problems, but they are deliberately in need of help from within.


Trait #3: Straight Baseline with Falling Last Word or Letter

Falling Last Word or Letter - Shows Your Sudden Impulsive Behavior


In this case, the last word or a letter falls off at the end of an otherwise straight baseline.

If you spot this in anyone’s handwriting, do take immediate action as it is considered a red flag.

Most of the time, these people will appear calm but can make sudden and impulsive decisions.


Trait #4: Low t bar (indicates low self-esteem)


Low and Short t Bar - Indicates You Possess Low Self-esteem


It indicates low self-esteem.

Though alone it does not act as an indicator of suicidal tendency, but if present along with other traits, can supplement the symptoms.


Trait #5: Strike-through Signature

Strikethrough Signature - Indicates Self-hatred and Low Self-confidence


It indicates you underestimate your worth, self-hatred, have low self-confidence and might have done something wrong in the past for which you want to punish yourself.

It does not mean that the person will kill himself instantly, and it is a self-hurting stroke.

Every time you make it, a signal is sent to the brain to hurt or punish yourself.

If this trait is accompanied by other characteristics mentioned here, the writer's desire to hurt himself or wipe out their own identity intensifies.

Here is a checklist to help you select the best signature style for your name.


Trait #6: Too many X-formations

X Like Formations - Indicates Self-hatred


It is too a strong indicator that points towards self-hatred.

One or two formations in the entire handwriting sample, if not accompanied by other suicidal traits, can be ignored. 


These are the traits that you must take care of.

If you spot them in your or anyone else’s handwriting, take immediate action.

You can talk to someone close to you and discuss your problems. And if you spot them in the other person’s writing, speak to them.

Also, it is a part of the entire handwriting analysis process.

So, don’t jump directly to any conclusion without analyzing the complete sample.

And if you cannot do it yourself, do take the guidance of an expert.

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