9 Point Checklist To Get The Best Signature Style For Your Name

9 Point Checklist To Get The Best Signature Style For Your Name


Your signature shows how you feel about yourself in public. It shows the kind of self-image you project among people when you interact with them. 

Everyone wants to have the best and unique signature style. In this post, I will tell you how you can create the best signature style for your name.


Signature Clarity

Make your signature clear. The clarity in signature indicates that you are confident and a good communicator. You are a direct and straightforward person.


Signature Size

Your signature should be large. It should be a little bigger than the overall size of your handwriting.


Embellishments In Signature

Avoid unnecessary strokes in your signature. A little bit of embellishment can be added. But, according to graphology, unnecessary embellishments are a sign of vulgarity.


Left Out Letters

Do not leave letters. Do not scribble. Write all the letters for your name. Illegibility in the signature, shows you have a misleading personality. A thorough background check must be done before indulging in any kind of deal with these types of writers.


Size Of Signature

Your signature should neither be small nor too big. It should not be stuck in one corner of a page. People with too small signature lacks confidence and stays away from the limelight. They are not attention seekers and do not have a high opinion of themselves.


Print Signature

Avoid all caps print (disconnected letters) style signature. All cap or print style writing shows you cannot communicate with others efficiently. Write your signature in cursive and make it legible.


Underline In The Signature

Underline in the signature means you have self-confidence. You can cope with daily challenges. Underline -

  • should not have a downward slope
  • should not be convex or concave
  • should not touch or cut through any letters

The direction of the underline is always from left to right. Not from right to left.


Encircled Signature

Avoid encircled signature. An enclosed signature means you have built a wall of protection around you. You tend to withdraw into a shell during a challenging situation. You do not face them.


No Full Stops

Avoid putting a dot at the end of the signature. It shows you are blunt. Your say is final and other people’s views do not matter. This creates an unhealthy work environment and will isolate you from others.


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Creating a perfect signature for your name is not difficult. Follow the points listed above. But before making major changes in your signature, you should always consult a trained handwriting analyst.

You can contact me to create a perfect signature for your name.

I hope the suggestions help you create the best signature style.

Let me know how it worked for you. Leave your feedback in the comment box and share it!


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