How To Analyze Signature With Underscores

How To Analyze Signature With Underscores

Meaning Of Signature

The signature represents your name, surname, nickname, or combination of them. It reflects your public image and is used to authorize a cheque, letter, or document.

From a graphology point of view, your signature tells how you behave in public or with common people and what you would like others to think of you. In contrast, your handwriting reveals your true personality and shows how you behave with close relatives and friends.

So people have two different personalities depending on the difference between their handwriting and signature. Thus more the difference between your handwriting and signature, more the variation in your real and public image.



The signature analysis follows the same principles as handwriting analysis. There are many ways to interpret the signature. In this article, I will show you how to interpret the signature with different types of underscores.


What Does Underscore In A Signature Mean?

Underscore is the support that you got from your family and close ones. It is the platform that has been made available to you to lay the foundation of your public image. Thus the underscore represents the essential rules and confidence level that guide you to make decisions.


Commonly Used Underscores In A Signature


Complete Underscore


Signature with Complete Underscore


Using a single complete underscore means you maintain healthy self-confidence, cannot take baseless decisions, and have a set of principles that you follow.


Two Underscores


Signature with Two Underscores


If you use two underscores in your signature, it means:

  • You think your public self-respect is poor.
  • You feel imperfect and incomplete with others around you.

It also means you aggressively force your will on others. You think if your ideas are not accepted, then you will lose your importance among people. It indicates low self-esteem.


More Than Two Underscores


Signature with More Than Two Underscores


More than two underscores depict your confused personality. You pretend to be very firm on your decisions and principles. But in reality, you have not got any firm principles. The principle of exaggeration applies here. If anything is overdone, the opposite is true.


Broken Underscore


Signature with Broken Underscore


It represents partial support or a broken platform. You lack confidence and are not sure about your beliefs and principles, and thus, there is no firm base to your decision making.


Reverse Underscore


Signature with Broken Underscore


An underscore which goes from right to left is a reverse underscore. You go back on your words and cannot keep your promises. You are very unreliable about your decisions.


Returning Underscore


Signature with Returning Underscore - One with Soft Curves & Other with Angular Curves


It goes from right to left and then again returns to the right. You try to go back on your words and run away from your responsibilities. But when forced, you will keep the promise.

There are two types of returning underscores:

  • If the underscore returns with a curve, then the effort required to keep you committed is less.
  • If the underscore returns making an angle, then the effort required to keep you committed is more.

You will stay committed to your promise only when forced with a lot of stressful words or actions.


Oscillating Underscore


Signature with Oscillating Underscore


You do not have definite rules to follow and are confused about your beliefs. Your decision-making is ever-changing, and you cannot make up your mind.


Concave Underscore


Signature with Concave Underscore


It looks like a bowl or a cavity. You always find excuses from making a decision and try to run away from your responsibilities.


Convex Underscore


Signature with Convex Underscore


It looks like a plateau or a small hill. You try to improve your confidence and decision-making by working on your principles. You want your public image to be better than what it is at present by imposing better principles on yourself.


Wavy Underscore


Signature with Wavy Underscore


You are a fun-loving person who always try to avoid decision-making. You are unconfident about your principles, and beliefs and you do not want to face this fact.



Your signature represents your public identity. It is the part of your personality you would like people to see. But analyzing signature alone is not always safe. It would be best if you analyze it along with other writing material.

Like your handwriting, your signature gives information about the personality traits you project in front of other people. Thus it is a must for everyone to practice a well-formed signature.

You can implement signature analysis tips mentioned in our various articles. These will help you to gain confidence and improve your public image.



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