Sensitive to Criticism – A Growing Problem in Today’s Youth

Sensitive to Criticism – A Growing Problem in Today’s Youth


Are you sensitive to criticism and avoid receiving critical feedback for your appearance? 

Then you are not alone.

People, especially youth nowadays, are too conscious about their appearance. Not only women but men also are too worried about their looks. Everyone believes that your appearance is more important than your expertise or calibre.

You only run after external beauty compared to inner beauty. 

And the primary reason for this is the increased use of social media platforms where everyone wants to outshine others. The proof of this is more than 1 million selfies are being uploaded every day, out of which more than 14% are enhanced using filters to make them look attractive—retouching selfies before posting is common practice now.

There is nothing wrong with being presentable or looking beautiful. Yet excess of everything is bad.

If you become too obsessed with this habit, you can develop a mental disorder. 

You will always be worried about looking good; if no one appreciates you, you feel bad.


But why is the trend catching up so fast?

When you alter your pictures, you want to look good and get acknowledged for the same. You feel happy when you get many likes for your looks and are ready to do anything to click a picture-perfect selfie.

Do you think you need anyone’s approval on how you look?

Is there a need to be constantly appreciated by others?

If you do not get enough desired appreciation, you feel dejected. As per Graphology, it is called sensitive to criticism. It is a dangerous trait that you must address immediately and develop a habit of feeling less sensitive to criticism.

So how can you analyze whether you are a victim of sensitive to criticism?

Handwriting analysis is the tool to know whether you possess this habit.

You can consult a graphologist or take a handwriting sample yourself.

Learn How to Take Handwriting Sample


Let us now see what the trait is.

The wide loop formed in the stem of the lowercase letter d while returning to the baseline is an indicator of sensitivity.


Sensitive to Criticism - Looped Stem of Lowercase Letter d


The broader the loop, the higher the level of sensitivity.

So if you are afraid of critical feedback or are sensitive to personal criticism for how you look, do check out this trait in your handwriting.

However, if only one or two looped stems of the letter d are there, other factors might be responsible for your behavior.

In that case, you can consult a graphologist, get your handwriting analyzed, and get a personalized remedy designed for yourself. This remedy is called graphotherapy.


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