Top 10 Handwriting Analysis Mistakes to Avoid Now!

Top 10 Handwriting Analysis Mistakes to Avoid Now!


Handwriting analysis is a crucial tool to analyze any person's personality through their handwriting. Anyone who comes up to a Graphologist to get their writing analyzed believes the analyst wholeheartedly. 

So, the analyst must provide an accurate report to the person whose handwriting he has been analyzing.

To generate this accurate report, there are specific rules that every handwriting analyst must follow before they begin to analyze anyone's handwriting.

Graphology is the study of the state of mind. And human behavior changes with changing circumstances.

Hence, before collecting a writing sample, every analyst should be clear about a few points.


Handwriting Analysis Mistakes to Avoid

  1. Do not ask for random handwriting samples like diary entries, class notes, greetings, etc. Only samples written according to proper guidelines must be analyzed.
  2. Do not analyze photocopies. Though you might be able to explore a few personality traits, several traits can only be interpreted by studying the sample written with a pen.
  3. Do not take a sample when a person is in a hurry, sick, or stressed as handwriting changes with mood. They are exceptional cases and will represent the person's state of mind at a particular moment and not in general.
  4. Do not make biased decisions even if you know the person individually or depending on other people's views about that person. A person's real personality may differ from how he behaves with you.
  5. Do not analyze the copied content. Ask the person to write whatever comes to his mind and let the thoughts flow directly onto the paper from the mind.
  6. Always take a handwriting sample written with a black color ball pen. Blue-colored ball pen is the second choice, and no other pen-type should be used to write the sample.
  7. You should use only A4 size plain white sheets for writing. Also, the surface on which the sheet rests should not be too hard or too soft. You can keep a few sheets of paper or newspaper below the writing sheet.
  8. Take three samples of all the signature styles person has at the end of the writing sample. 
  9. Do not analyze the signature alone if you want to know about the person's actual personality. Signatures only depict how a person behaves in public. 
  10. Do not commit the mistake of sticking to only one personality outcome of one trait. Each trait can reveal more than one personality feature.

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After knowing all the mistakes you must avoid while doing handwriting analysis, now it is time to learn how to take the writing sample.

How to Take Handwriting Sample for Analysis?

Paper: Take an A4 size plain white paper (preferably any bond paper).

Writing Surface: Writing surface should not be very hard. Place a couple of sheets of paper or a newspaper below the writing paper.

Pen: A quality black ink ballpoint pen is the most preferred choice, and blue is the second choice.

Posture: Take the sample when the person is relaxed and not in a hurry, tired, stressed, or just after finishing work or exercise. Also, write it in a single sitting.

Content: Ask the person to write whatever comes to his mind and let the thoughts flow directly on the paper. Write a paragraph of 500-6—words without a title.

Signature: Sign at the end of the writing sample at least three times. 


Final Words

A few points will help you obtain a perfect handwriting sample for analysis.

Also, there are two different approaches to analyzing handwriting, i.e., how you begin to study the given handwriting sample.

Read more about them here.


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