Approaches to Graphology: Ways to Analyze Handwriting Sample

Approaches to Graphology: Ways to Analyze Handwriting Sample

As a graphologist, I often come across one question,

Is there any particular way to analyze handwriting samples?

And my answer is 'YES.'

There is always a procedure that you need to follow no matter what you do in your life.

And analyzing someone's handwriting sample is no different.

There are two ways to analyze, and in this post, I will discuss them, and both differ from each other with a practical example.


Gestalt Approach

Gestalt is a German term, and it means 'the whole.'

According to this approach, the whole picture is primary, and the parts the image is made up of are considered secondary. 

You view the sample as a photograph while analyzing the handwriting sample using this approach.

Now, what is your reaction when you view a photograph?

There are only two possibilities.

Possibility 1: You say Wow! How beautiful this image is 
Possibility 2: You do not like the picture 

Similarly, you either like or dislike the writing sample when you view the writing sample.

In gestalt graphology, you conclude a person's personality first and then examine the individual traits. 

It is like looking through a telescope - you see the bigger picture and move from outside to inside. The handwriting sample is viewed in terms of the way the writing is arranged on the page:

  • Style of writing

  • Spatial arrangement

  • Movement across the page


Trait-Stroke Approach

It is the opposite of the Gestalt approach.

According to this approach, your personality is a bunch of traits. 

Personality is an outcome of a collection of independent traits. 

You do not view the sample as a whole.

You study individual stroke formation styles and note the corresponding personality outcome.

Based on the outcomes, you reach a generalized conclusion.

Hence, it is like looking through a microscope, one element at a time. 

The trait method is more like seeing through a microscope, one element at a time. 

The individual traits are analyzed, and a complete personality report is prepared. You move from inside to outside.


For example:

Look at the image below:

What is your perception about the writer when you look at it for the first time?

You feel that the writer possesses an outstanding personality.

However, as soon as you move inside, you will notice several problematic traits present in this handwriting sample. For example, the missing loops in lowercase g. it denotes that the person is facing monetary, relationship, or physical issues.

Like this, there will be many traits present that you must analyze before finalizing your viewpoint about the writer's personality.

So, in my opinion, relying on only one approach is not sufficient. You need to follow a combined approach before concluding a person's personality.

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