Difference Between a Graphologist and a Forensic Document Examiner

Difference Between a Graphologist and a Forensic Document Examiner

Searches related to a handwriting expert, forensic handwriting examination, and graphology also pop up when you search for what handwriting analysis is.

If you are a newbie, it can lead to confusion.

Even I get calls to provide forensic handwriting analysis services. And a graphologist cannot provide opinions on forgery cases without getting trained as a questioned document examiner.

Both professions are entirely different.

So if you are looking for expert services, you can get into trouble if you select the wrong person.

So here I will discuss the difference between graphology and questioned document examination to make the concept easier for you.



Graphology Studies the Formation Style and How the Writing Moves Across the Paper to Create a Clear Picture of Your Thoughts.


It is used to analyze your personality by studying the writing stroke style and patterns of your handwriting.

As you know, handwriting is brain writing. So no two persons have been found to have the same handwriting.

Because as soon as you learn to write, you modify the formation style of each letter, and a unique writing pattern gets developed.

A careful analysis of your handwriting sample can reveal your true personality.

This study has been used for the following:

Employee selection: To select the most suitable candidate for the job.

Corporate training: To highlight staff's strengths and weaknesses.

Career guidance: To help students select the right career path per their interests.

Compatibility assessment: To check how well two people get along with each other, personally and professionally.


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Forensic Handwriting Analysis or Questioned Document Examination

To Reach a Conclusion, a Forensic Handwriting Analyst Uses Scientific Techniques to Compare the Questioned and Specimen Samples.


It follows the same principle that no two people possess the same handwriting.

It is as unique as their fingerprints.

A forensic handwriting analyst examines the questioned and specimen handwriting and signatures to give his expert opinion that is acceptable in a court of law.

He has to establish the genuineness of the written matter.

A few Cases that Require Forensic Handwriting Analysis:

  • White-collar crimes
  • Kidnappings
  • Bank Robberies
  • Contested Wills
  • Identity Theft
  • Counterfeiting
  • Suicides
  • Forgeries
  • Medical Malpractices


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Significant Difference Between Graphology & Questioned Document Examination

Both studies analyze letter slants, angles, pressure, baseline alignment, spacing, etc., of the written stuff.

However, graphology only analyzes the handwriting or signature sample of an individual. In contrast, questioned document examiner compares the questioned document with samples from the person who claims it to be fake to conclude.

Forensic handwriting analysis or questioned document examination is a part of forensic science and is used for investigation purposes.


Final Words

A questioned document examiner and a graphologist are not the same.

Graphologists study a person's handwriting to learn more about their personality, whereas the Questioned Document Examiner determines the authenticity of the documents. 

They examine the document to see if it is authentic or not. 

Both require specific training. 

Some questioned document examiners are also graphologists and the other way around. 

Graphologists who want to work as questioned document examiners require a degree or qualification.


Graphologist vs. Questioned Document Examiner Infographic

Graphologist vs. Questioned Document Examiner


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