Top 5 Uses of Graphology [With Infographic]

Top 5 Uses of Graphology [With Infographic]

Several times you might think you know yourself fully. If you face any problem, you refer to self-help books available to boost your self-esteem. 

But can a common piece of advice help you know yourself and help everybody equally when we all have different personalities?

Don’t you think you need customized guidance to know about your psychological profile?

All the generalized guidance can lift your spirits to a certain extent. However, if you want to go deep to understand who you are and what exact measures you need to take to achieve success, you must get your handwriting analyzed.

Now, what is graphology?

Graphology which is the study of handwriting and signatures, offers several benefits. You can transform your personality by analyzing handwriting samples and making the required changes.

Before diving deep into this, you must be aware of graphology basics, like the benefits of this study.

Here you will come across the top 5 uses of graphology and how this less-known study has the power to judge the real personality of a person.


Why is Graphology Important?

Your brain is the guiding force behind all your actions, and a handwriting sample can reveal all such details about you.

You will know why you behave the way you do.

You can mislead people by faking your outer appearance, but your writing can uncover the truth.


Uses of Graphology

Selection of Appropriate Candidate

There are several job roles in a company. For each job position, thousands of applicants hold a similar qualification.

It may sometimes become difficult to spot the right candidate from the shortlisted applications.

However, you can hire professional graphologists to analyze the handwriting sample of applicants.

It will help you become aware of their true personality and hire the right candidate. 

So, what all personality traits can graphology reveal?

The answer is many. A few significant traits are:

  • Positive or negative attitude
  • Concentration level
  • Leader or a follower
  • Time management skill
  • Energy level
  • Trustworthiness
  • Team player or not
  • Extrovert or introvert
  • Good or bad listener
  • Stubborn or friendly
  • Ability to work under pressure
  • Sincerity

An unbiased analysis report of the applicant’s handwriting sample is prepared, highlighting whether he possesses the qualities company is looking for in an employee.

There is no discrimination based on age, sex, religion, color, or caste, and the report is used along with other interview techniques.


Highlighting Staff’s Strengths and Weaknesses

No two persons have the same handwriting style and thereby possess different qualities.

And if a company knows about the qualities of employees, it can extract the best out of them.

Also, it helps to reduce workplace-related issues and conflicts that might prove costly to the organization.

A detailed graphological report is presented to the manager that throws light upon the qualities and weaknesses of the existing employees, their compatibility ratio with the company, and what measures need to be taken to improve workplace harmony. 


Self-Personality Recognition

Personality plays an essential role in every aspect of life. To be successful, you must understand yourself and others efficiently.

Each individual is different.

Hence there can be no one personality development plan.

Handwriting analysis can help you gain deeper insights into your personality and how you can overcome your weaknesses to live a successful life.

A few areas you can make noteworthy changes include:

  • Career choice
  • Relationship
  • Selecting a life partner
  • Confidence building
  • Goal setting
  • Increasing concentration
  • Overcoming procrastination
  • Time management skills
  • Selecting business partner
  • Maintaining friendship
  • Reducing mental stress


Improving Marital Compatibility

As we already know, each individual possesses a different personality type.

You cannot expect everybody to behave the way you want.

To maintain peace and harmony in a relationship, you must learn how to live and work together.

And this fact holds to the maximum in a marital relationship. Mutual understanding is the key to a successful marital relationship.

Graphology can help you identify the differences between you and your partner after analyzing your handwriting samples.

As per requirement, graphotherapy sessions can be arranged to provide you with helpful techniques to boost compatibility.

Not only it helps to improve the quality of existing relationships, but it also helps you to select the right partner.


Investigating Personalities of Historians

It helps analyze writings and symbols of famous personalities who have died and decode their personality traits.


Uses of Graphology Infographic


Top 5 Uses of Graphology
Top 5 Uses of Graphology Infographic


Final Thoughts

Here I have highlighted the essential uses of graphology.

Expert graphologists can help you recruit the right candidate by identifying the characteristics of the applicants that save you time and money, knowing more about yourself, enhancing workplace productivity, improving marital relationships, and knowing about the personalities of people who have died.

It can also assist you in reading your child's psychology and understanding your clients in a better way.

The list of benefits of graphology is endless.

It helps to create a clear picture of your psychological behavior.

The primary objective of this study is to uncover the secrets and make you aware of who you are and your real personality.

You can decipher various hidden facts by analyzing the handwriting sample.

There are several personality assessment tools available in the market. However, handwriting analysis is the most cost-effective tool that helps you become self-aware instantly.  


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