Is it necessary to underline your signature?

Is it necessary to underline your signature?


A signature is as crucial as your handwriting, and it reveals your public image, and one can have a quick glimpse of your personality by simply analyzing it.

However, a complete conclusion about your actual character can only be drawn when examined along with the rest of the handwriting sample.

It can make or break your public image. Hence it is essential to have a good signature.

A skilled graphologist looks at several elements like slant, alignment, size, the shape of letters, pressure, direction, connections, beginning and ending strokes, etc., carefully compared to the writer’s rest of the handwriting if available.

Among all the traits, one signature trait that says a lot about your personality is how you underline it.

However, you might ask, is there any need to underline a signature?

What effect can it have on my personality?

So let us check out.


Is it necessary to Underline your Signature?

Underline, also referred to as underscore, is a crucial signature element. Before I jump on explaining what it means, I want to answer one question about whether you should use it or not.

My answer is yes. It is good if you use it, but it does not mean you will have an imperfect signature if you do not use it. 

However, every trait has its significance that positively or negatively affects your personality.

Whether you should use it depends on what kind of public image you need to have.

After analyzing your signature and personality, a graphologist will decide the type of underscore you need or might eliminate it from your signature.


Types of Underscore


Single Underline

It indicates you possess healthy self-confidence and ego. So, is it advisable to use it?

Yes. After consulting a handwriting analyst, you can use it as he will tell you what changes you need to make in your signature before you start using a single underscore.


More than one Underline

If multiple underlines are present in the signature, you doubt your self-worth. You feel less important compared to people around you, and you feel incomplete and consider yourself imperfect.


The line above the Signature

It is indicative of self-doubt and feeling of self-hiding. You try to hide your authentic self from people and do not reveal your true nature. If your handwriting sample is also disorganized, it might indicate a deceptive public image.


Line Crossing the Signature

A line crossing the signature shows self-hatred, and it shows you are guilty of doing something wrong and want to punish yourself. It is indicative of a suicidal tendency.


Underline Going Backwards

It shows you have unresolved past issues that you find challenging. You cannot solve them, and your mind cannot stay focused on the present. You are pulled back towards those issues and are continuously haunted by them.


Now there are several more types of underlines that a signature can have.

Want to know in detail about different types of underscores?

Read this in-depth guide about different types of underscores in signature and their effect on your personality.


Final Words

So after reading this article, you might have got a brief overview of what underlining a signature means.

Now you might ask should everyone need to underline their signatures?

The answer is no.

Depending on the signature style, you might need it or not, and it can only be decided after an in-depth signature analysis.


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