Role of Graphology in the Classroom: How can Teachers Benefit from it?

Role of Graphology in the Classroom: How can Teachers Benefit from it?


In this article you will learn how graphology can prove beneficial to teachers.

Now you might wonder what the link between the classroom and graphology is?

Now before I proceed further, let me ask you one question.

Do all the students in your class write the same way the teacher taught you to write?

The answer is NO!

You might have tried hard to form the letters the way your teacher taught you.


But were you able to do so?

No. you created your version of handwriting style that was unique to you. No one else had the same handwriting style as yours in the class.

Isn’t it strange when you are taught the same concept in the same way by the same teacher? Then why everyone’s handwriting is different?

It is a result of individuality.

I have already explained in my earlier posts that handwriting is brainwriting; everyone’s thinking patterns are different, and so is their writing style.

No one can guess you all got educated from the same place.

Also, no one bothers to analyze why such things happen. And this is the point our teaching methodology is lacking.

Let us now discuss how handwriting analysis can be a part of the classroom and help teachers understand students better.


Individuality in Handwriting

Most teachers often ignore the fact that all children are different.

They do not appreciate a child’s individuality, and they blame students for not following a specific handwriting pattern they taught. 

What can happen if your individuality is not appreciated?

It leads to psychological damage.

So, how can graphology help teachers?

Graphology knowledge can make teachers realize the importance of individuality, and they become aware that each handwriting style conveys a different personality type. And being different is not a problem. 

Graphology is a magical tool that can solve a lot of classroom issues.

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I will take one example here. 

One or a few students in every class try to bully their classmates. 

Now how can graphology knowledge help teachers to understand this behavior?

Teachers can analyze their handwriting and look for dominating traits.

They understand their students’ personalities and take every measure to prevent the problem from occurring.

In this case, it is necessary to study both the dominating students’ and weak students’ personalities to take preventive measures.

Dealing with such situations is challenging for both the parents and the teachers.

And handwriting analysis is a handy tool that can solve this problem.

If you think handwriting analysis alone will solve every problem, you are wrong.

It can help you identify kids with dominating personalities or trouble-creators, and it also allows you to identify kids with sensitive nature who are prone to bullying incidents.  


It is only one example where an understanding of handwriting can help you gain access to the mindset of your students.

Handwriting analysis does not involve any investment. However, only a few recognize its value.

I highly recommend that its usage be encouraged all over to help teachers understand their students better.

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Also, analyzing handwriting is not enough.

There is a term called graphotherapy in which your handwriting stroke style is modified to bring positive changes in the students' mindset.


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