Does Managing Finances Give you Nightmares? Analyze your Handwriting Now!

Does Managing Finances Give you Nightmares? Analyze your Handwriting Now!

Do you also go bankrupt before your account gets credited with the next salary?

Then there is no need to panic as you are not alone. According to a survey, many people all over the world face this problem. It breaks the myth that only people who fall into the low-income bracket go broke before the next paycheck. Even people earning lakhs per annum can also face the same situation.

Running out of money before the next paycheck arrives is the worst nightmare. If you draw less amount every month, then it can be justified. However, if you have a handsome salary package and still fall short of money month after month, you cannot ignore the problem.

This article will discuss the possible reasons behind it and how your handwriting can give you a clue for this problem.


Reason for Going Broke before the Next Paycheck

To be good at managing finances is not easy for a few people. They run out of money in the latter half of the month every time. If you draw a good salary every month and then go bankrupt, your financial planning is not good. You start cutting down on your meals, medical expenses, bill payments, etc., and eventually fall prey to taking loans and becoming part of a never-ending debt cycle.

You can overcome this by creating a personalized financial strategy. However, I am not a finance expert to give you any advice, but I can tell which handwriting trait is responsible for your present condition. You can consult a professional graphologist to create a graphotherapy exercise for you to overcome this habit.


Handwriting Clues

Your personality is an outcome of several handwriting traits and not just one or two. But here, I will only focus on those traits that are responsible for your poor money management.


Wavy or Irregular Left Margin


Irregular Left Margin Shows Your Discipline Level and Ability to Manage Resources


The left margin of the handwriting sample taken on an unruled or plain sheet of paper shows your discipline level. It shows how efficiently you manage resources.

An irregular left margin that starts at a different point in each line indicates that you do not possess a disciplined personality and have difficulty managing your resources, especially money.

You are unplanned and have no control over your buying desires. You enjoy spending money on unnecessary stuff. An irregular left margin also indicates your aggressive nature and tendency to break the rules of society.


Irregular Right Margin


Irregular Right Margin Shows Your Poor Planning Abilities and Love for Variety


The right margin indicates how you face the future. Some variability is expected on the right margin as you cannot predict how it will end. But an extremely irregular margin shows you are a poor planner, loves variety, and cannot plan for your future.


Extreme Rightward Slant & Wide Line Spacing


Extreme Rightward Slant and Wide Line Spacing


If your writing sample has an extreme right slant accompanied by wide line spacing (less than 20 lines on A4 size sheet), you have impulsive buying tendencies. You are never satisfied with the money you have. You are always short of cash and go empty-handed much before the next payday arrives.



Financial crises can lead to mental and physical illness, such as stress, anxiety, and depression. So, if you go bankrupt month after month, it is high time to become disciplined and cautious about the way you spend. You can consult a financial planner and take the help of a trained graphologist to help you make changes in your handwriting for long-lasting changes in your personality. 


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