Connected Writing vs. Disconnected Writing: Which is Better?

Connected Writing vs. Disconnected Writing: Which is Better?


The way you write has a great impact on your personality. And I have discussed a lot about the effect of various writing traits in my previous articles.

However, there is one trait that you cannot ignore. And that is a connected or disconnected writing style.

There are several cases where you will find letters connected or isolated from each other.

Let us now discuss all of them and their corresponding personality traits.


connected and disconnected writing personality traits
Types of Writing Styles - Connected, Disconnected, Print-Cursive, Mixed, Segmented



Connected Writing

When letters of a word are connected, it is called connected writing.

Now you might wonder what importance connections hold?

Here is the answer.

When your write in a connected manner, your one thought follows the other in a flow. You become focused, develop good communication and networking skills, and can easily explain your ideas to people with the logic behind them.

Also, there are other traits that you develop like:

  • You do not want to be interrupted while working on a task.
  • You must know the reason behind every activity.
  • You plan your schedule and tasks properly.
  • You tend to do and deliver work systematically.


Disconnected Writing

When letters of a word are not connected, it is called disconnected writing. 

When you write this way, your thoughts have no connection, meaning you lack explaining abilities and cannot covey your ideas to people. 

Also, you believe in your intuitive power and hence cannot back your thoughts and ideas with proper reasoning.

Now, what does it leads to?

You face difficulty translating your thoughts into action and cannot decide how to achieve your goal.


Both Connected and Disconnected Writing

In this type of handwriting, a few letters are connected, and a few are disconnected.

If you write this way, you possess the traits of both people who write in a connected and disconnected manner.  

You have a good balance of logic and intuition and are good at explaining concepts to others. 

However, you might not be aware of how the idea originated in your mind, but you can explain the concept behind the idea. 

It helps people easily understand what you want to covey.


Combination of Print and Cursive Writing

It is similar to a combination of connected and disconnected writing styles, and the main aim behind writing in this way is to save time and be fast. 

In this case, most of the starting strokes on the letters are missing.


Mixing Styles

In this style, you write one word in print fashion and another in cursive and come back to print in the third word. 

You cannot stick to one writing pattern, indicating you have a moody personality, are confused, and face difficulty achieving your goal.


Segmented Writing

In segmented writing style, there are cuts within the same letter, and all the parts of the letter are dismantled. It depicts anxiety, introversion, hypersensitivity, intuition predominance, and dishonesty. 


Final Words

After going through this write-up, I am sure you understand the difference between connected and disconnected writing styles.

Though there is nothing wrong with any style yet, if writing style with negative traits is present all over, you must change it.

I follow both connected and disconnected writing styles.

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