Online Handwriting Analysis Software: Can you Rely on it?

Online Handwriting Analysis Software: Can you Rely on it?


We are living in a digital era where every task is getting digitalized. Everyone wants quick results. 

And the field of handwriting analysis is not left untouched. Several online software claims to provide analysis reports of your handwriting in just a few clicks.

But can you rely on them entirely?

Let me now answer this question and remove all your doubts.


What is Handwriting Analysis Software?

It is software in which several handwriting trait details are added along with options to select for each trait.

You write down the handwriting sample and then select options as per the instructions.


For example:

If the question asks you to select the baseline alignment, then there will be a few pictures of baseline alignment like going up, going down, straight, wavy, etc.

You have to look at your writing sample and select the best possible option.

Now you might say it is pretty straightforward.

However, the number of options in any software is limited, and also there are no options to select a combination of a particular trait. 


For example:

You have a mix of straight and upward going baseline, in that case, you cannot give one answer, but a study needs to be done to depict the best possible personality outcome based on the combination trait.

Also, you cannot rely on the functioning of the software. A programming error might be there, and the result displayed may not be accurate.

You can take an online personality test via your handwriting sample to get a basic know-how of your personality.

If you want a detailed and personalized analysis of your personality, it is always recommended to approach a trained graphologist.

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You get an in-depth analysis of your writing and a customized plan to replace your problem-creating traits with the right ones.

And when you practice correct stroke formation under the guidance of a graphologist, you start seeing positive results within a few days of regular practice.

So, I recommend you to go for professional services rather than doing incomplete analysis yourself. It can do more harm than benefit.

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