How to Spot Arrogant Behavior in the Handwriting Sample?

How to Spot Arrogant Behavior in the Handwriting Sample?

The way you speak matters a lot. It can make or break your relationships or even business deals.

Even when you are telling the truth, you should take care of how you present it to the listener, as truth is not easy to digest. But it can be made acceptable if you choose your words correctly.

Many times, you are honestly putting forth your opinion. 

You believe in straightforwardly conveying your thoughts.

But do you think it is right?

No, because if you keep speaking bluntly, you are perceived as arrogant. 

You merely focus on conveying your message and are not concerned about the emotional impact it can have on other people.

Every person wants to be respected and does not like to talk to anyone who speaks bluntly.


What is Communication?

Communication is a process of speaking and listening. One person says, and the other listens. Whatever you speak, the listener listens to it and analyzes what it means, and then responds. 

When are You Perceived as Arrogant?

When you speak bluntly, no communication takes place. You are the one who is constantly talking, and the other person only listens.

This way, you cannot develop a healthy relationship with people.

So, your social life can be troublesome if you have a habit of talking bluntly. 

You think you are right and only want to put forth your point of view without understanding the situation from other people's perspectives. 

You might be right.

However, presenting the correct information inappropriately can prove harmful to you.


Which Handwriting Trait Represents Arrogance?


Blunt Stem of Lowercase t Shows Whether You are Arrogant or not.


Take your handwriting sample and look for lowercase t with straight endings. 

If there are several similar formations, you must change them at once and try to practice the correct formation.

If you want to learn how to take a handwriting sample, read here.


Final Words

Speaking bluntly can ruin your bonding with your near and dear ones and anyone you come into contact with.

You must understand the topic and try to visualize the situation from another person's perspective. Do share the truth but politely and with a careful selection of words.

Also, only one trait is not responsible for your behavior.

There are others as well.

So, with changing your problematic trait, focus on getting your complete handwriting analyzed by a skilled graphologist.



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