What Qualities Should a Skilled Handwriting Analyst Strive For?

What Qualities Should a Skilled Handwriting Analyst Strive For?


What qualities should you possess as a skilled handwriting analyst?

Let us begin by understanding what you as a good handwriting analyst are not.

You are not a fortune-teller who predict the future

You cannot acquire expertise by simply reading a book

You do not indulge in doing quick analysis of samples and reach a conclusion

As professional handwriting analyst you understand the importance of correctly analysing the sample based on well-established principles.

This means you treat each person's dignity with sensitivity, ensuring that the analysis is kept confidential and free from your own biases and prejudices.

Analyzing handwriting is an exploratory journey, not a hunt for sensational details.

Approaching the analysis from a scholarly perspective, as a professional handwriting analyst you rely on centuries of research-backed theories to draw conclusions.

You avoid making uninformed judgments, never overestimate your abilities, and consult with other experts when confronted with challenging specimens.

You adhere to a strict code of ethics, as one would expect from any professional in the field of human sciences.

In addition to these characteristics, you must possess critical thinking skills. This includes analytical and logical thinking, deductive and inductive reasoning, synthesis, problem-solving abilities, and the capacity to write coherent and professional reports, considering your responsibility to the intended readers.

Lastly, as a good handwriting analyst you must be committed to lifelong learning, constantly updating your skills and knowledge in the realm of handwriting analysis, a practice that demands continuous professional development.

Your ultimate aim is to provide an impeccable service to all who seek your expertise in understanding people through their handwriting.


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