What Does the Size of your Handwriting say about you

What Does the Size of your Handwriting say about you

You often wonder why not all people have leadership qualities, study for long hours, or prove to be good team players.

Graphology has found the answer to this question.

You can tell why people behave in a particular way by studying their handwriting samples.

In this article, I will cover different letter sizes in handwriting and their effect on your personality.


Size of the Handwriting

Size refers to whether the writing is large or small and this trait is not fixed. Depending on the circumstances, the size of your writing differs. It also depends on the size of paper you are using and the amount of text you have to write on that paper.

However, everyone follows a specific size of handwriting. It is advisable to study a few samples written over a specified duration to know the actual size of the writing.


What does your Handwriting Size Represent?

It represents:

  • Whether you are an extrovert or introvert
  • Your confidence and concentration level
  • Your level of self-awareness
  • Your happiness level
  • Whether you are a deep thinker or a disturbed individual


You can divide handwriting into three zones — lower, middle, and upper.

A middle zone is present in all letters and forms the base of a letter.

The lower and upper parts of the letters go beyond the middle zone—for example, letters b, d, y, etc.

The size of each zone should be equal to 3mm and is considered to be the perfect size from a graphology point of view.


How do you consider Large or Small Writing?

If the letters formed are bigger than the measurement mentioned above, then the writing is considered large writing, and if it is smaller, then small writing. You can also have mixed-size letters in a handwriting sample.

So, the size of each zone is studied separately to create a clear picture of this trait. However, in this article, I will cover personality outcomes if all the zones are almost balanced.


Large Writing

You are an extrovert, attention seeker, and an action-oriented person with good leadership qualities.

Large-sized handwriting is associated with a low concentration level. So, you can be a great team leader rather than a team player. You are a big planner, and if given any task to accomplish, you plan it out in a splendid manner.

Most salespeople, politicians, world leaders, and actors have large-sized handwriting as their profession involves extroversion.

Positive traits:

  • Good leaders
  • Ambitious
  • Adventurous
  • Courageous

Negative traits:

  • Dominating attitude
  • Non-adjustive
  • Extravagant
  • Low concentration power


Overly Large Writing

If you write overly large letters, you possess the characteristics of those who exaggeratedly write large letters.

You have obsessive tendencies and would like to be seen and heard. You usually overstep your boundaries and step into the boundaries of others. Since you crave attention, you will go to any length to obtain it.


Medium-Size Writing

Medium-sized writing is neither large nor small. Most of the people have medium-sized handwriting.

You are friendly, adaptable, work well with yourself and others. You believe in teamwork and have an average ability to concentrate on things.


Small Writing

Small writing indicates introversion. You are an introvert by nature who directs his energy on himself rather than on others, external objects, or events. You do not seek attention, prefer to be alone, and have the good concentration power.

There are two types of small writing:

  • If the writing is legible, it means you are a deep thinker.
  • If the writing is illegible, then it means you are a disturbed individual.


Overly Small Writing

You are exceptionally introverted. You stay out of the limelight, have the good concentration power, and turn out the external world altogether at the moment of writing.


Mixed Letter Size

If your writing has both small-sized and big-sized letters, this indicates your confused behavior. You do not know how to behave as you are neither an extrovert nor an introvert.


Enlarging or Decreasing the Word Size

Sometimes you enlarge or reduce the size of a particular word compared to the other words in a sentence. It shows your positive or negative emotional connection with the person or thing represented by that word.

If you think or feel high of someone or something, the word size gets enlarged. You look up to that person or thing and are ambitious about them. But it can also mean comparing yourself to someone superior to you. You may also develop a feeling of jealousy or inferiority complex.

If you think or feel low about someone or something, the word size gets diminished. You have less or no regard for that person or thing and feel superior about yourself. It can also result in a proud and insincere attitude towards others.



So, now you know different letter sizes in the handwriting corresponds to different personality traits. You can alter your handwriting style to rewire your brain.


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