Secret Handwriting Trait to High Goal Setting

Secret Handwriting Trait to High Goal Setting

Proper goal setting is the first step to success. 

If proper and achievable goals are not set, your success level will always be low.

So how can you analyze if you have a strong goal-setting mindset?

You can do it by looking for the height of the t bar in your handwriting sample.

Now you might wonder how the height of merely a bar can affect your planning abilities.

The lowercase t-bar formation style reveals several traits of your personality. And its height is one such parameter.

Let us now discuss various height styles and their corresponding personality traits.


Low t Bar Height

You lack self-confidence and set common goals for yourself. You live in the present. Your goal-setting activities mainly revolve around preparing a grocery list or daily to-do activities. You lack long-term vision.


Well-balanced t Bar Height

You are organized and set reachable goals. You step out of your comfort zone to achieve your dreams but are not ready to go the extra mile to achieve something big. You have a moderate to high success level.


High t Bar Height

You are ambitious and dynamic and aim high in life. If you write this way, you set challenging goals for yourself that are not easy to achieve but also possible. Your success level is very high.


T Bar Above the Stem

You are a daydreamer and set unrealistic goals. Anything overdone is an example of exaggeration. You dream too big and imagine achieving things that are beyond your reach. Instead of setting small achievable goals, you dream of achieving something completely impossible.


t-Bar Secret Handwriting Trait to High Goal Setting
t-Bar Secret Handwriting Trait to High Goal Setting


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