6 Principles of Graphology Every Handwriting Analyst Must Know

6 Principles of Graphology Every Handwriting Analyst Must Know


The Principle of Balance 

Balance in the analyzer. Sensible


The Principle of Exaggeration 

When exaggeration is present the opposite is true. When something is overdone, it actually means the opposite – you are compensating for that which you feel you lack.

For example: Ascending baseline is considered good. It denotes a positive attitude towards life. However, if it has overly upward slant it denotes you pretend to be happy but in reality you are hiding your sorrow.


The Principle of Dilution 

The positive and negative traits of equal intensity dilute one another.

For example: If you have a few perfectly placed i dots and rest almost equal in number to the first type but with missing dot, then you cannot be said to possess excellent concentration power nor you can be call careless and absent minded. You tend to focus on a few important tasks and ignore the less necessary ones.


The Principle of Enhancement 

Both positive traits will enhance the character.

For example: Ascending baseline with narrow right margin will help you grab opportunities quickly and achieve success in shortest possible time.


The Principle of Perception 

A good graphologist analyzes handwriting one to one. Analysis is not done on your or others views about the person.

For example: It might be possible you know the person whose handwriting you are going to analyze. The way they behave with you in person might be different from what you decipher from their handwriting. You should give an unbiased opinion about the personality of a person whose handwriting sample you analyze.


The Principle of Fallout 

One handwriting trait will reveal more than one feature. 

For example: A single trait can portray different characteristics. If you write with heavy pressure it denotes high energy level, strong will power and deep involvement in whatever you do. However it also represents aggressiveness, stress, and deep attachment with people and things. It is not easy for you to let go anything from your life be it be people, belongings, or thoughts. 


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