Personality Formation Cycle as per Graphology

Personality Formation Cycle as per Graphology


Graphology is a medium to analyze your personality. 

Your handwriting can make you aware of your problems, strengths, weaknesses, and other factors and the reasons responsible for your current personality.

However, so far, we have only studied how to analyze handwriting and make the necessary changes to see the positive outcomes in your personality.

But have you ever imagined what the process that goes behind your present behavior is?

Why have you developed such a kind of personality, and how can handwriting play a crucial role in improving your personality?

Let us see.


There are various behind the scene steps that contribute to your present personality type, which decides your fate. These are:


Step 1: Thought Formation

It is a stage when you start thinking about something. It can be positive or negative. And sometimes, even when you know it is unsuitable, you continue to think about it. The more you believe, the stronger the foundation of this thought becomes. Your mind starts to perceive it as a reality.


Step 2: Letter Construction

As every letter you write is an outcome of your thought. So, your thoughts, whether good or bad, take the form of letters.


Step 3: Word Formation

A combination of letters leads to word formation. Again how you form words, that is, the form of connection, spacing, alignment, slant, legibility, etc., all contribute to your personality development.


Step 4: Line Writing

Word formation leads to line formation, and much can be deciphered from this, like the alignment, spacing between lines, number of lines, etc.


Step 5: Action Taking

Now your thoughts have got enough power to get transformed into actions. Actions that can benefit you and others or can prove harmful to you and society.


Step 6: Page Writing

At this stage, your actions become part of your personality if you continue for a long time. People start to perceive you as per your behavior. 


Step 7: Habit Formation

Continued writing the way you have developed in the early stages leads to habit formation. For example, if you write lowercase open ovals most of the time, you are perceived as a talkative person who cannot keep secrets.


Step 8: Character Development

Your habits are responsible for the character you portray, whether with close friends, family, or the outer world. Once the character is formed, you must work extremely hard to make the desired changes, as your subconscious mind has been fully programmed to behave the way it is now.


Step 9: Personality Formation

By now, you have started living your character. You behave like the character you have developed by giving shape to your thoughts. Consider it similar to creating a character for a fiction story. It becomes your personality which means a character that is unique to you.


Step 10: Destiny

The way you behave and do tasks decides your destiny. If you have worked on the proper techniques to develop your personality, you can live a happy and successful life. However, your success ratio will be pretty low if your personality has many downsides.


Personality Formation Cycle Infographic for a Quick Reference


Stages of Personality Formation as per Graphology


Final Words

So, if you notice something unusual about your behavior, like fear of accepting opportunities, procrastination, depression, feeling guilty about something, etc., consult a graphologist and get your handwriting analyzed. 

Once you know what’s holding you back, you can have custom graphotherapy sessions designed to help you overcome your hurdles.


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