The Power of Pen Flick and Pen Stop in Handwriting

The Power of Pen Flick and Pen Stop in Handwriting


Graphology, also known as handwriting analysis, is a science that delves into the human thought process through the study of handwriting. 

It combines various elements to gain insights into a person's personality and behavior.

In this blog, we will focus on two important concepts in graphology: pen flick and pen stop.

Pen Flick and Pen Stop
Pen Flick: It indicates a decrease in the energy of the thought process. In this case, a stroke starts with a strong starting point but has a weak ending point. This difference in ink density reflects a decrease in the energy of the thought.
Pen Stop: In this, the stroke has a consistent ink density throughout, indicating a pen stop where the thought has maintained its energy.

The Power of the Pen Flick
The energy inherent in your thoughts is potent and pure. When a thought first emerges in your mind, it possesses great power and has the potential to materialize into reality.
However, the presence of pen flicks in handwriting signals a decline in the energy of that thought within the conscious mind.
As time elapses and the brain stays active, the strength of the thought diminishes. This weakening can give rise to feelings of frustration, anger, doubt, and an overall negative aura.
Consequently, the effectiveness of manifestation becomes compromised, leading to unpredictable outcomes.

The Power of the Pen Stop
Unlike a pen flick, the presence of a pen stop signifies that the energy of a thought has been preserved throughout its conscious existence. This retention of thought energy serves as a powerful tool for manifestation. When a thought maintains its strength from its inception, the process of bringing it into reality becomes more seamless. This, in turn, fosters feelings of satisfaction, calmness, and a sense of completeness. If your handwriting displays pen stops, it often conveys a more refined expression of emotion, faith, and positivity.


Pen Flick and Pen Stop in Handwriting
Pen Flick and Pen Stop in Handwriting

Example: The Letter T
Let us examine the letter T (both lowercase and uppercase) in the English alphabet. In fig. A, you can observe pen flicks, whereas fig. B exhibits a pen stop.

Despite the similarity in the thought process behind both samples, the end results are quite different.

Pen flicks indicate weakened thought energy, whereas pen stops suggest sustained energy throughout the conscious presence of the thought.

Let us consider a few more examples, a seemingly straightforward thought like eating food, intended to provide energy to your body, may not yield the desired effect if there are pen flicks in your handwriting.

Also, if you are on medication, weakened thought energy reflected in pen flicks leads to unexpected outcomes, and you may experience delayed healing, side effects, or a lack of positive results.

The concepts of pen flick and pen stop in handwriting provide valuable insights into the strength and vitality of your thoughts as expressed in your handwriting.

Pen flick indicates a diminishing thought energy, resulting in negative emotions and uncertain outcomes.

Conversely, a pen stop signifies the preservation of thought energy, facilitating smoother manifestation and fostering positive experiences.

By delving into these concepts, you can enhance your understanding of both yourself and others.


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