Secret Personality Traits of People with Large Signature

Secret Personality Traits of People with Large Signature


Do you know the personality traits you possess if you have large signatures?

If you ask this question to an ordinary person, you might not get a perfect answer. Everyone has their theories.

However, as per graphology, how you write or sign speaks a lot about your personality.

The signature represents your public image and tells what people think about you. 

It can make or break your public image. A bad signature can lead to huge business or work loss.

No trait can make your signature good or bad, and there are many. And it is not possible to cover every characteristic in one article.

Here I will discuss the personality type associated with large signatures and whether you should sign that way or not. 


Meaning of a Big Signature

Anything oversized is associated with an urge to be seen and heard. 

And if you have a large or very large signature, you tend to be the center of attraction, throw tantrums, and rarely admit your mistake.

You want to be a leader and always consider your decisions perfect. This is why the performance of CEOs with large signatures is poor than those with small signatures.

The size of the signature does matter.

Many people have such a type of signature, and they often ask whether it is the correct way to sign or not.

What personality traits they will develop if they sign in this way.

So, I have shortlisted the major personality traits you will develop if you continue to make a large signature.

Also, note that the signature reflects your public image only. So, all these traits demonstrate how you behave publically and not with your family members or close friends.


A Large Signature is associated with Self-admiration

It means loving yourself or giving importance to your abilities and achievements exaggeratedly. 

It is a self-centered trait and leads to disregard for others. 

You like to do everything independently, are confident about your decision-making abilities, and think you can never be wrong. You seldom value other people’s viewpoints.

The bigger the signature bigger is the ego.

However, not all of you with such a signature style will be self-admirers. You might have similar personality traits like spending lavishly or investing in a big way with a meager outcome or profits.


A Large Signature often leads to a Rowdy Attitude 

Another significant trait you can possess if you have a large signature is a noisy attitude. 

Now, what does it means?

It means you are active and energetic, simultaneously lack patience, and are often found shouting without reason.

You are bold and often lose your temper, disrespecting your family, friends, and colleagues.


A Large Signature with Flourishes makes you Proud of Yourself

Along with a large signature, if the first letter of the signature is capitalized and is too big, it shows the importance you give to yourself has crossed all boundaries.

You lose your cool if you do not get enough respect from others. 

And if there is a flourish present in the signature, then you believe you are much above others, and everyone should consider you the best.


A Large Signature leads to the Wrong use of Power

A large signature is associated with power. You think you are a powerful personality, and everyone must obey you.

However, holding a high position in any firm can lead to abusive use of your power as you feel free to rule your juniors.

At times your attitude becomes unbearable also.

You have a dominating nature and can also defame others to portray yourself as superior. 

You rarely appear humble or express modesty.


Final Words

Here I have covered significant personality traits you can have if you have a large signature. 

If you write an oversized signature, you boast about your abilities, do not care about others’ viewpoints, and only think about your enjoyment.

Also, signing in a big way is not entirely wrong. There are a few positions where this type of signature can help you, like sales and marketing. But that is only an exception. 

The secret is to sign a little bigger than your actual handwriting.

However, this article only tells you about the size of the signature. 

The traits mentioned here can enhance or diminish when you study them with the formation of other letters and writing styles. 

So it is advisable to analyze the whole signature before reaching any conclusion.

I will keep posting various articles where you will know how signatures are analyzed.

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