What Does a Large Looped Upper Zone in Handwriting Represent?

What Does a Large Looped Upper Zone in Handwriting Represent?

You can spot loops in handwriting in the upper and lower zones. However, exaggeration of any trait can give rise to complex problems.

Here I will discuss broad upper loop formation and what harm it can cause to your personality.

Before I proceed, let us look at the three handwriting zones.

Upper zone (Future): Represents brain-related activities like creativity, dreams, and intellect.

Middle zone (Present): Represents your social behavior, self-confidence, and day-to-day activities.

Lower zone (Past): Represents your materialistic desires like money, food, luxury, and sex drive.

Large upper loop formation means your mind gets flooded with many ideas, making it difficult to narrow down on one.

Even if you finalize one idea after a lot of thinking, you might also keep questioning whether you have made the right decision. And this leads to confusion.

When your brain remains occupied with too many ideas and your mind needs clarification, you might also consider the least essential options. 

You are open to getting new ideas and have a habit of freely sharing your ideas with people, even if it is not required.


What Problems Can Confusion Create?

Confusion occurs when you do not understand what exactly you want. And eventually, are not able to analyze each available option. 

You find it hard to focus and might select an option based on other people's opinions that might not suit you. 

You easily believe what others make you think. 

For example, if you want to enroll in a course with several options available, the course provider who gains your maximum attention will sell his course to you. You will buy without thinking whether the course is right for you or not and whether it will fulfill the goal you want to achieve.

Big loops are good, but to a certain degree. Excess of anything is harmful.


Ways to Overcome Confusion

There are several ways to clarify your thoughts and overcome confusion. A few of the most powerful and practical tips are discussed here:

  • Be focused on what you want to achieve
  • Write it down, read it daily, and visualize your achievement
  • Create a deadline to achieve your goals
  • Divide it into smaller goals with a deadline for each
  • Create an actionable and achievable plan to accomplish goals
  • Create a daily to-do list as per the priority level of each task
  • Prioritize tasks in decreasing order of importance
  • Eliminate tasks that you can outsource
  • Once you decide upon your goal, do not go back
  • Keep moving and analyze your progress regularly


Final Words

The broad upper loop formation is one type of many upper loop formations. Your mind is filled with too many ideas at a time, making it challenging to select one. 

You must try to reduce the loop size. However, too-squeezed upper loop formation is also not recommended. The loop size should neither be too large nor too thin.


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