The World’s Best Boss Selection: Give Handwriting Analysis a try

The World’s Best Boss Selection: Give Handwriting Analysis a try

Do you think the world’s best boss exists? I do not think so. But yes, an inflexible boss does exist.

Corporates spend a considerable amount of money every year on developing leadership and managerial abilities in their employees. Despite this, many employees are not satisfied with their boss’s behavior. And this problem does not exist in one place or country but in the entire world. It becomes challenging for employees worldwide to deal with such toxic supervisors. And many times, they have to quit their jobs because their bosses are inflexible and want everything to be done their way.

This article will cover a few major handwriting traits responsible for your boss’s inflexible behavior and how changing the writing style can improve relations with the staff.


Handwriting Clues

Before we start analyzing, keep in mind to look for these traits in the handwriting and signature as signature represents a person’s public image and handwriting the person's real personality. And here we are more concerned about understanding your boss’s public image.


Rigid Left Margin


Rigid Left Margin


The presence of a rigid left margin shows your boss is too much disciplined, not easy to live or work with, and follows a set of rules. All the tasks need to be executed as per the specified standards.

It also shows your boss’s inability to make quick decisions. Because when the left margin is rigid, it shows an obsession with being perfect all the time. Anything less than perfect is not acceptable and makes him uncomfortable.

Just like rigid left margin, he also possesses an uncompromising attitude.

Now imagine if such a person is assigned the role of a supervisor in a firm, he can prove to be a nightmare for junior colleagues.


Angular Letter Formation


Angular Letter Formation - The Letters do not have a Smooth Curve


Angular letter formation means letters are pointed and are not smoothly curved.

If this trait is present in your boss’s handwriting, then your boss is:

  • Aggressive
  • Stubborn
  • Determined
  • Strong-willed
  • Serious about the work

Your boss wants every task done his way, tries to influence everyone rather than get influenced, and makes sure that his will is executed at any cost.


Blunt Ending Strokes


Absent or Blunt Ending Strokes


Absent or blunt ending strokes show your boss’s rigid and unfriendly behavior, who is not ready to listen to anyone, changes opinion and does not depend on others for approval.


Dot in Signature


Dot at the End of the Signature


A dot at the end of the signature shows your boss’s decisive and definitive attitude, who is particular about many small things and gets irritated if these small things are not in place. The decision made by your boss is final, and no one can change it.



Here we have discussed a few traits of an overly disciplined boss. But do you think these are enough to give your boss a title of a bad boss?


There are several other traits whose combined study reveals a better understanding of your boss’s behavior.

Bad bosses impose their decisions on their staff that ultimately lead to employee resentment. The employee won’t deliver the desired output that will eventually harm the company’s growth.

Good bosses, on the other hand, respect their employee’s unique working styles. They know that their employees cannot behave or think like them. So, they work closely with their staff, provides them with constructive feedback, and motivates them to do better each time.

Today handwriting analysis is widely used to screen job applicants. A satisfied employee is an asset to the company. So, you should analyze the boss’s handwriting and signature along with the employee's handwriting.

Also, no one is perfect in this world. So, the concept of the world’s best boss does not exist. And if your boss portrays himself as the best on this planet, it is merely an example of exaggerated presentation.

Do you ever get an opportunity to analyze your boss's handwriting at any point in your career, or would you love to do so?

If yes, please share your views in the comments below.



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