How Handwriting Analysis make you a Better Salesperson

How Handwriting Analysis make you a Better Salesperson


As you all know, Handwriting analysis is the study of a person's personality, and it tells what is going on in your mind when writing.

Among several personality traits, the art of selling products or services to people cannot be ignored.

Whether you work for a company or are a self-employed freelancer, if you want to succeed in selling products or services, you must know whether you possess this quality or not.

If not, then do not worry. You can incorporate it into your personality by minor tweaks to your handwriting style.

Let us now discuss how handwriting analysis makes you a better salesperson.


Handwriting Traits of a Good Salesperson


Medium to Big handwriting

Introverts have small handwriting.

However, if you wish to be good at sales, you need to be an extrovert, and hence medium to large-sized writing is good enough.

Medium-sized writing is neither large nor small. You are friendly, adaptable, work well with yourself and others, and have an average ability to concentrate on things.

Larger writing means you are an extrovert and action-oriented person.

You love to stand out in a crowd, see things in a big way, and have good leadership qualities but cannot concentrate on small details.

There are other ways to increase your concentration power, which I will cover in the rest of the article.

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Personality Traits for Being a Good and Successful Salesperson



Legible Handwriting

Legible writing indicates clarity of thoughts. You are not confused and are not suffering from mental disturbance. 

Having a clear picture of thoughts is essential for a salesperson. 


Because if you are not clear about what to say, how can you explain your product or services to your client? And if you fail to do so, the client will not feel satisfied and will eventually lose interest in your offer.

In this image you can see all the traits I have discussed here that a good salesperson must possess in his handwriting. 


Straight or slightly Upward Baseline

The baseline is the imaginary line on which the base of the middle zone letters rests when you write on a blank paper.

It indicates your focus level to achieve your goals in life and the mental energy you apply to handle real-life situations.

If your baseline is straight, you are organized, do not get distracted, and can achieve your goals in the shortest possible time according to your capacity.

A slightly ascending baseline is the one that goes upwards to the last letter and does not drop off in the middle or end.

t shows you have a positive attitude and aim for a bright future. You find positive even in a negative situation. An optimistic attitude gives you an understanding of handling clients without getting depressed.


Open Loops of Lowercase o, a, d, and g

A salesperson's job requires you to talk a lot as you have to explain even the minutest detail of your product or service to your client and convince them to buy it.

What will happen if you talk to the point only?

Will you be able to convince your customers?

No, you won’t.

So open loops of lowercase letters o, a, d, and g represent your talkative nature. It shows you speak a lot without getting tired. And this trait is the most crucial as, without communication, you cannot establish a bond with anyone. No bond means no sales leading to revenue loss.


Wide Lowercase e Loops

e loop denotes your ability to listen. If you are not open to new ideas or suggestions in any business or job, you fail. Hence as a salesperson, a well-formed e loop is necessary as it helps you listen to your client's demands and formulate your service to satisfy their needs.


Long and Complete Lowercase g and y Loops

The long, closed, and well-formed lower zone indicates you have lots of physical energy and love variety and change.

However, avoid making too long lower zone as it denotes restlessness and problem sticking to one task. You keep hopping from one concept to another, which leads to nothing but failure. 


Perfectly placed i Dot

A perfectly placed i dot indicates your high concentration level, good memory, and ability to focus on the present situation. As a salesperson, it helps you not deviate from the topic you are discussing with your client. Also, note the dot should not be too thick, light, or like a dash. 

All other placements of I dot are not recommended.


Long and Perfectly Balanced t Bar

A well-balanced t bar indicates you are organized and set reachable goals.

But one more thing that you must focus on is the length of the t bar. The length denotes your desire and zest to fulfill your goals, and if it is short, you do not achieve what you can as per your qualities.

A long bar denotes you are ambitious, full of confidence, set high goals in life, and passionate about fulfilling your purposes.


Final Words

These are a few major handwriting traits that can make you a better salesperson. However, your complete handwriting contains numerous other characteristics that contribute to your personality. 

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