Top 5 Handwriting Clues to Identify if You Hold Grudges

Top 5 Handwriting Clues to Identify if You Hold Grudges

Can you let go of things or stay stuck with your bitter past experiences?
Do you know why you are taught to let go of things?
The answer is to create a wall between your past and present.
Why letting go of your past is necessary?
To release negative emotions that can ruin your present and future.
You should take lessons from past failures, concentrate on your present, and plan for the future.
However, past disappointments or failures often create a blockage in your subconscious mind, and you cannot release it from your life.
With time, this thinking pattern becomes a part of your personality. And if not detected at an early stage, it can lead to various mental disorders and physical ailments.
These negative emotions, also called grudges, build up inside you due to guilt or an inferiority complex.

Why do People Hold Grudges?

The primary reason being you do not let go of unfair events, bitter memories, and past situations. You want to prove yourself right and validate your viewpoint.
Your mind is not ready to forgive and move on and repeatedly think of the same situations and events that have hurt you.
It builds up anger inside you that does not let you mix up with others, and sometimes the frustration level rises so much that it leads to you bursting up like a volcano.

People Who Hold Grudges Might Suffer From Some of These Ill Effects 

  • Stress
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Panic attacks
  • Personality disorders
  • Phobias
So can these grudges be detected?
As you know, graphology is the art and science of reading people’s mindsets through their handwriting. 
So, a trained graphologist can tell the traits related to grudge behavioral patterns.

Handwriting Traits of a Person Who is Emotionally Unable to Let Go of Things 


Heavy Handwriting Pressure

heavy handwriting pressure
Heavy handwriting pressure indicates several traits like sharp memory, amxiety, and strong determination to achieve wahtever you want.

Heavy pressure indicates sharp memory, because of which you cannot forget things easily. Also, it represents high levels of stress, anxiety, and determination to express your anger in your heart publicly. The heavier the pressure higher will be the level of frustration. Heavy handwriting pressure alone does not account for the habit of holding grudges.


Claw-like Lowercase d Formation

claw like d formation
Claw-like Lowercase d Formation

It results if you have been abused during childhood, especially by your father. At the subconscious level, you develop a sense of guilt and find it difficult to express yourself. Due to these negative emotions, you lock yourself in your world and might suffer from several mental and physical ailments.


Hook on the Lowercase t bar on the Right Side

hook on the right side of the lowercase t bar
Hook on the Lowercase t Bar on the Right Side

The lowercase t bar is supposed to be a straight line. However, according to handwriting analysis, if a t-bar ends in a hook towards the right, then there is a possibility that you hold grudges for a longer time. And if this trait is accompanied by heavy pressure, the tendency to hold onto past bitter experiences will get manifold.


Narrow Left Margin

narrow left margin
Narrow Left Margin - Indicates Your Attachment to Past, Family, and Friends

The left margin indicates your attachment to the past, family, and friends. The narrower the margin more the attachment will be. It leads to you constantly thinking about your past, sticking to bad memories, and finding it difficult to come out of it. And because of such behavior, you ruin your present and future.


Angular Connections & Letter Formations

angular connections letter formations
Knife-like Sharply Pointed Letter Formation

Angular connections and sharply pointed letter formations look knife-like. The positive traits include a strong determination to achieve goals. However, too much presence in the entire handwriting leads to frustration, aggressiveness, the personality that people do not get along with easily, and always trying to impose what you say.


Miscellaneous Traits Showing Grudges

miscellaneous handwriting traits showing grudges
Miscellaneous Handwriting Clues to Identify if You Hold Grudges

Apart from the traits mentioned above, several other traits also enhance your tendency to hold grudges. These are beginning strokes starting below the baseline,

hook formations in the lower zone, balloon-like upper zone loops, and leftward writing slant.
So, if you hold grudges, you can look for these traits in your handwriting or consult a graphologist to design a custom graphotherapy exercise for you.
It is advised not to reach conclusions without considering the entire handwriting sample.
Apart from handwriting analysis, what else can you do to overcome grudges?

Simple Methods That Will Help You Overcome Grudges

Learn to Forgive: Forgiving the person who did wrong to you will help you let go of the negative emotions and move ahead in life. It is not an easy task, and it does not mean whatever happened was right. Only you have decided to come out of mental stress and move on.
Maintain a Journal: Journaling helps you to put your thoughts down on paper. Write whatever comes to your mind and pour out your feelings as no one else will read them. You can write anytime and any number of times. There is no rule to follow. Your head will feel light.
Meditation: Meditation has many benefits that have been scientifically proven, like reducing stress, and anxiety, improving mental and physical well-being, reducing the risk of high blood pressure, increasing concentration power, etc. If practiced regularly, it promotes calmness and manages your feelings of hatred.
Write a Letter: Pour your negative feelings against the person on your mind onto the paper. Write honestly about how you feel for them. And write everything as that person will not read this letter. Once done, destroy this letter the way you want. It helps reduce the mental burden and, while destroying the letter, think your grudge is also vanishing.
Final Words
Now you know what holding a grudge means. 
So if you hold grudges, the easiest and quickest way is to look for traits in your handwriting or consult a handwriting analyst to help you.
However, holding a grudge is common among many individuals. So, do not think you are alone. 
But you must protect yourself from the ill effects of holding grudges for a long time. The moment you let go of painful emotions, you will feel better and will be able to view life from a whole new perspective.

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