Does Illegible Signature Depict Dishonesty?

Does Illegible Signature Depict Dishonesty?

According to handwriting analysis, if your signature is illegible, then you have something to hide and are also mentally disturbed.

Several times, I have come across people who shy away from getting their handwriting analysed.

What is the reason?

There could be two reasons for this: first, they are unaware of the benefits of handwriting analysis, and second, they do not want to reveal their true self.

As your signature represents your public image, your illegible signature is indicative of the fact that you possess a mysterious public image.


Characteristic of People with Illegible Signature

  • Do not possess a transparent nature 
  • They conceal their true feelings in public
  • Never discuss what is happening in their life
  • Never pour their heart out
  • Withhold facts and seldom give a clear answer


So, if a person signs in an illegible way, it only shows that he wants to hide something from the outer world. You cannot tag them as dishonest. However, you cannot guess what he wants to hide.

Sometimes it is not necessary that he wants to hide facts to harm someone. He might have had bad past experiences that he do not want to disclose.

So you cannot judge the reason behind this. The intention could be both good and bad.

Hence, it is recommended not to draw a complete picture of a person’s personality from just one trait. Analyze all other handwriting traits before reaching any conclusion.



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