How to Detect Distrust by Analyzing Handwriting?

How to Detect Distrust by Analyzing Handwriting?


Do you prefer doing every task yourself, even if you do not know how to do it perfectly?

The reason behind it is that you distrust others.

If you have this habit, you end up doing everything yourself leading to loneliness.

Like any habit, this habit takes time to develop and severely affects your life.

Now let me ask you one question:

What will happen if you land a big project?

Can you do it alone?

No, you cannot.

You have to delegate tasks to others to finish the project on time and efficiently.

Now since you do not trust others, you have to work on the whole stuff yourself, which reduces your efficiency, and the outcome is not as desired.

As you cannot handle big tasks alone, you only take up work that you can do yourself; therefore, your success level is quite low.

Not only do you doubt others, but your capabilities also. Thoughts of distrust constantly pop up about whether your action is right or not.

By analyzing your handwriting sample, you can spot the trait responsible for this habit.


What is that trait?


Retraced Lowercase y Loop


As per graphology, the trait is retracing of the loop of lowercase y and g. 

And if the retraced letter is present several times in the written sample, then you are a victim of this habit.


But what do you mean by retracing in handwriting?

Retracing means overwriting the already written part of the writing, usually in the opposite direction. It is commonly done on downward strokes. Your first move is downwards and then goes up over the existing line.


What does this distrust lead to?

This distrust leads to you being confined to a narrow territory. You do not explore new opportunities as you are not ready to take risks. 

As you tend to do all tasks yourself, you remain stressed most of the time and find it difficult to finish work on time.


Why does this habit develop?

This habit might develop due to several setbacks or cheating cases you have experienced.

It is at this time you might experience psychological imbalance. There is a conflict going on inside you.

You have two choices: overcome this conflict and aim for personal growth or succumb to it.

If you cannot come out of such a situation, you will suffer throughout your life and will not be able to establish a strong identity.


Final Words

Now you have understood how to spot distrust in your handwriting. 

If you form several retraced lowercase ‘y’, you have this issue.

And this issue arises due to events that have taken place in your life, like you might be promised to get something but did not receive it. And if it happens many times, you develop a sense of distrust for others.

And with time, this habit grows and becomes a part of your daily habit.

So if you spot this trait in your handwriting, try to change it for the betterment of your life.



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