What is the Difference Between a Legible and Illegible Signature?

What is the Difference Between a Legible and Illegible Signature?


A signature depicts the name, surname, nickname, or a combination of them and is your identity. It reflects your public image. 

It tells how you behave in public or with common people and what you would like others to think of you, whereas your handwriting reveals your actual personal image. Your writing shows how you behave with close relatives and friends.

So if your handwriting and signature style is different, you possess different real and public image.

The more the difference between your handwriting and signature, the more the variation in your actual and public image.

The signature analysis follows the same principles as handwriting analysis. 

Though there are several signature types, here you will learn the difference between legible and illegible signatures.


Legible Signature

A legible signature can be easily read. 

It shows you are intelligent, have a set of clearly defined goals, market yourself efficiently, create a brand in your area of interest, and enjoy recognition for your work in public.

You do not portray a fake personality in front of strangers. You are very clear in your approach, and fall under what you see is what you get personality type.


Illegible Signature

An illegible signature cannot be easily read. 

You are deceptive or manipulative and have created a public image that no one should understand.  

You do not fall under what you see as what you get personality type.

This type of signature can result in a low success level at the workplace.

If you have an illegible signature, try to make it legible, or consult a graphologist to help you design the best signature.


Differnce Between Legible and Illegible Signature in Handwriting and signature analysis
Difference Between a Legible and Illegible Signature


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