6 Common Handwriting Types Based on Letter Joining Style

6 Common Handwriting Types Based on Letter Joining Style


Connected Writing

When letters of a word are connected, it is called connected writing.

It means your one thought follows the other in a flow. You are a good planner, a good communicator, and focused. You possess strong networking skills and make careful decisions.

You want reasons for everything. Once you start working on a task, you do not like to be interrupted until you have reached an appropriate point. You plan your tasks in proper order and deliver them systematically.


Disconnected Writing

When letters of a word are not connected, it is called disconnected writing. 

Disconnection means that you are not having any connections in your thoughts. You are creative but lack explaining abilities and have no logical reasoning for your thoughts and ideas. You have difficulty translating your thoughts into action and have problems identifying with goals.


Both Connected and Disconnected Writing

You have a good balance of logic and intuition and are good at explaining concepts to others. You might not be able to explain where your idea originated, but you can define the concept behind that idea, letting people understand you and your thoughts.


Combination of Print and Cursive Writing

You use this style to save time and be fast. 


Mixing Styles

In mixing styles, you write one word in print fashion and another in cursive and come back to print in the third word. You have a moody personality, are confused, and find it challenging to stick to a specific pattern of life. 


Segmented Writing

There are cuts in the same letter. It depicts anxiety, introversion, hypersensitivity, intuition predominance, and dishonesty.


Common Handwriitng Types Based on Letter Joining Style
Common Handwriting Types Based on Letter Joining Style



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