Change your Signature to become Rich – Is this True?

Change your Signature to become Rich – Is this True?


Handwriting analysis is a powerful tool to analyze your personality and learn about your strengths and weaknesses.

However, many believe they can become rich if they change their signature.

So, is it true?

Let us find out.


After getting your handwriting analyzed, you come to know about shortcomings in your personality.

If you work on your handwriting style, these shortcomings can be removed, enhancing your personality.

Similarly, a signature represents how you behave in public. Several other traits can be revealed, like whether you can communicate effectively or not.

For example:

If you are a salesperson and have an illegible signature, people cannot understand what you want to say.

If you cannot explain your viewpoint to people, then how can you expect them to purchase your product?

So, you can improve your public image by making the required changes in your signature, which will help you perform better but will not make you rich.

Hence, if you lack the proper qualification and enthusiasm to excel, merely changing your signature style will not make you rich.

So, do not get trapped if someone makes such kind of promise to you.

It is a FRAUD!

A signature is not your ticket to cash flow in your life.


Changing your signature can positively change your attitude and help you get rid of your bad habits.

It can never increase your bank balance.

So, read my article to know what graphology can do and what it cannot do


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