How can Doodles Provide Clues to your Personality?

How can Doodles Provide Clues to your Personality?


Do you love doodling?

I think everyone loves to doodle, if not regularly, once in a while.

Have you ever thought that these random drawings could provide a clue about your personality?

We all know that handwriting is the most preferred choice to analyze anyone’s personality.

So, is it possible to get the same results by studying doodles?

The answer is no. You cannot get a complete picture of somebody’s character, and Doodles give you quick know-how of the person’s personality.

But whatever information you decipher from doodles is correct. 

Let us now dive deep to know how doodles and scribbles present throughout your notebook reveal so much about your personality.


What your Doodles say About you?

There is no one shape type under which you can classify doodles. They can be classified as follows:

Geometrical designs: These are usually created by people who love playing with numbers like mathematicians.

Circular designs: These are people who are more socially aware. You are a warm, friendly person who loves socializing, making new friends, partying, and taking care of your outward appearance.

Pictorial designs: These are often drawn by people who are creative or have an artistic inclination.


Apart from the shape, what else can you look for in doodles?

The answer is: 


Each color has its meaning and effect on our personality, and it is a complete study in itself. It can tell how you look at life, whether you are happy, sad, aggressive, or calm.

So, before you make any judgment related to colors, do get your color psychology basics cleared.



Just like handwriting, the size of the doodle shows whether you are an extrovert or an introvert. 


Placement on page

For example:

Your doodle near the left or upper margin indicates your attachment to the past. 

If it is near the right or lower margins, it indicates your ability to grab opportunities for a better future.

If it is placed in the center, it indicates you focus on the present moment and want to be the center of attraction.

You need to analyze further points when looking for doodle placement on the paper. There is a complete study of how margins relate to personality.


Formation type – Angular or Smooth

Also, you must consider the doodler's age before reaching any conclusion, especially in the case of a child.


Final Words

Doodles and scribbles are a great way to do a quick analysis of anyone’s present state of mind. However, they can never replace the in-depth personality secrets of the writer revealed by the handwriting sample.

So if you have a graphologist friend, beware! 


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