7 Must-Have Calligraphy Tools and Supplies

7 Must-Have Calligraphy Tools and Supplies


In this post, I will cover the supplies you must buy to start calligraphy.

List of supplies needed for getting started in calligraphy:


Calligraphy Marker or Pen

  • This is the first and must have calligraphy supply.
  • The marker or pen may have a chisel or a flat nib.
  • Nibs of different sizes are available in the market.
  • Larger nibs will produce wider strokes while narrow nibs will produce thin strokes.
  • If use a dip pen, you will also have to buy calligraphy ink.



  • There are many different kinds and colours of ink available in the market.
  • The Bombay India ink is available in sets with smaller bottles in a variety of colors.
  • Start with plain black ink for practice until you get better.



  • In the beginning, you can use graph paper to practice.
  • I recommend you to practice freehand in the beginning.
  • Thereafter download practice sheets and practice as per the guidelines.
  • You can also use a sketchbook to practice.
  • Always select paper of high quality (100 gsm bond paper or laser paper) to prevent the ink from bleeding through.


Pencil, Eraser, and Ruler

  • You need a pencil, eraser, ruler to draw your guidelines.


Clipboard (or any flat surface)


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