Backstabbers Handwriting Stroke Revealed! Know Before Getting Duped

Backstabbers Handwriting Stroke Revealed! Know Before Getting Duped

Backstabbers are present everywhere. Their main aim is to win your trust before cheating you. They have a viewpoint that there is no harm in duping people with their hard-earned money. They treat it as their business.

You might wonder how to know about such people before finalizing any deal with them?

It is tough to say to anybody that you are a backstabber unless you know that person’s past deeds. However, by analyzing that person’s handwriting, you can become aware of whether the person is a backstabber or not.

In this article, I will discuss the felon’s claw (handwriting trait only backstabbers possess), its characteristics, and whether you can get rid of it or not.



Handwriting Clue

Though several traits point to the unethical behavior of a person, the personality characteristic discussed in this article is the most dangerous of all and should not be overlooked.


Felon’s Claw

A Felon’s Claw is a smooth inverted cup-like formation seen in lowercase letters j, g, y, a, and d and uppercase letters A and G. Notice the arched claw-like formation. It is Felon’s Claw.


Felon's Claw -  A Smooth Inverted Cup-like Formation in Lowercase Letters j, g, y, a, d


If the handwriting sample contains several such strokes, then the person has the habit of backstabbing and cheating people. Also, the higher the arch more is the person’s will to cheat others without any reason.

Now, what does Felon’s Claw in the handwriting represent?

It reflects a disturbed individual at the subconscious level who has suffered several setbacks in life and wants to take revenge for those setbacks.

These people do not necessarily target those who cheated or misbehaved with them. They can even backstab people who are friendly to them. 

Sometimes people with Felon’s Claw in their handwriting also think ill of them. They believe they are worthless and can do nothing productive in their lives. As a result, they might hurt themselves also. They can also indulge in activities, such as lying and spreading rumors about other people that eventually get them punished.


Is it Possible to Overcome this Behavioral Pattern?

Yes, it is possible to overcome this negative behavior with graphotherapy exercises. The person is made aware of the problem and the probable reason for his present behavior. The person is made to practice several positive attitude development therapies and graphotherapy to come out of this negative pattern at the earliest.

At least 30 days of guided practice is recommended for developing a new habit under the guidance of an expert.



Here in this article, I have discussed the handwriting trait Felon’s Claw, its characteristics, and how it can harm you. Most criminals have this trait. 

Should you put an end to your relationship with such people?

As a graphologist, my answer would be no.

Though the presence of this claw indicates a criminal mindset of the person, you have to analyze the number of times it occurs in their handwriting.

So, if this trait occurs only once or twice, you can ignore it. But, it is advised not to blindly trust such people if it happens several times in their handwriting sample.

So, even if the person appears to be friendly and extra nice to you, and you spot the claw in writing, you better stay away from this person.

Did you come across any such person, or what would you do if you spot this trait in your friend’s handwriting?

Share your views in the comments below.

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