How to Know Whether You a Good or Bad Listener?

How to Know Whether You a Good or Bad Listener?


There are several personality traits that you can decipher from your handwriting sample. One such trait is knowing about your listening skills.

Like reading and speaking, listening also plays a crucial role in your success and maintaining healthy relationships with people.

So how can you know whether you are a good or a bad listener?

Let me show you.

Forming your lowercase letter “e” will reveal the entire truth about your listening skills.

You must check out the three lowercase letter “e” formations.


Closed or Retraced e Loop

Selective Listener: You listen when people talk to the point and do not like things being repeated.


Narrow e Loop

Skeptical: You are an average listener. You are narrow-minded and not easily convinced.


Wide e Loop

Good Listener: You are open-minded, a great listener, and enjoy trying new stuff.


Know Whether You are a Good or a Bad Listener by Analyzing the Way You Form Your Lowercase Letter e.


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