Little Known Facts About People Having All-Caps Handwriting

Little Known Facts About People Having All-Caps Handwriting

All-caps handwriting is not common. You will seldom come across people who prefer to use only block letters or all-caps handwriting. 

Sometimes people write entirely in capital print for clarity and speed.

For example, engineers or accountants write in capital print letters while taking notes or conveying a message. 

They do so to write fast and prevent any misinterpretation of the written matter.

However, you might be surprised to know that it has been scientifically proven that handwriting speed is much more when you write in cursive.

What is the reason behind this?

While writing in capital print, you have to lift your pen several times to make the letter, slowing down your writing speed. In cursive writing, the writing speed increases as the letters are connected.

As per graphology, handwriting samples written in only capital letters provide the least clues about the personality type of the writer.

So why do people use this style? Do they use it purposefully or without any wrong intention? Does writing this way offer more benefits?

Keep reading to find the answer to these questions.


Zones in Handwriting


zones in handwriting
Effect of Zones in Handwriting on Your Personality


Handwriting is divided into three zones:

Upper Zone (represents your intellectual abilities)

Middle Zone (represents your day-to-day life and social life)

Lower Zone (represents your energy level and worldly desires)

Zones can be seen if your writing is a combination of both uppercase and lowercase letters. Each zone has significance; even one zone's malformation can adversely affect your personality.

The balance in all three zones is a must for a stable personality to carry yourself effectively and achieve your goals.

However, over-exaggeration of any zone leads to an imbalance in the remaining zones.

In all-caps handwriting, there is only a middle zone. The rest of the two zones, upper and lower, are absent.

So, what are the personality traits of these types of writers?

Let us find out.


All Caps Handwriting Personality Traits

Concerned about present only: Writing in all capital letters implies you focus on yourself and are always concerned about your daily routine. You are a present person and can go to any extent to fulfill what you want now. 

Do not like to share your feelings: Also, there is a possibility that you do not like to disclose stuff about yourself and might want to hide something. You might be involved in some illegal activity (not always true) or might want to hide your dishonest behavior.

Repress your real feelings: You deliberately suppress your emotions. It is because you might feel suspicious of other people's behavior and put control on expressing yourself.

Self-obsessed and crave for attention: You are often showy and lack people skills. Also, all block letters' handwriting is indicative of disturbed mental health. You might not want to display your problems to the outer world. 

Egoistic and not future-oriented: The absence of connections shows you prefer to remain confined in your world and seldom connect with people at a personal level. You are only concerned about yourself and your daily life and do not spend time planning your future.

However, you cannot conclude without analyzing the complete sample.

Although you cannot decipher much from such handwriting samples, there are traits you can look for. These are:

The handwriting slant: It tells you whether the writer is emotionally balanced or has impulsive personality traits.

The pressure of the handwriting: It tells the writer's energy level, attachment to his belongings, and how stressed he is.

There are several other traits, like line spacing, size of the letters, legibility, segmentation, etc., that you can analyze.


Final Words

So now you must have got an answer to your question what does it mean when you write in caps?

All-caps handwriting is not recommended as there are many not-so-good personality traits like mysterious nature, lack of future planning, egoism, lack of social skills, emotional imbalance, and self-obsession associated with it.

Also, several ransom notes analyzed by handwriting analysts were written in all caps. The sole purpose was to hide the true identity of the culprit.

However, everybody writing in all capital print will be a kidnapper.

But the ultimate conclusion drawn from such handwriting is that the writer wants to stay aloof and does not want others to know what he thinks or does. He wants to maintain distance and remain secretive.

So is it good to write in all caps, or should you avoid using all capital letters?

If you want to emphasize something, you can use this style. But writing your entire content is not recommended.

Also, from a handwriting analyst's point of view, writing in all caps should be avoided.

You must try to switch to cursive writing.

Changing your writing style in one go is impossible if you have been accustomed to writing in all caps for a long time. Practice daily and slowly transform your handwriting.


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